Habits that are Horrendous for Your Hair

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No matter how expensive and effective your hair care products are, some of your bad habits may keep you from attaining mane that can impress. Check out the following habits that you have to end right now if you don’t want to wake up to dry, brittle and thinning hair:

Opting for Tight Hairstyles

Braids, ponytails and the likes can lead to hair breakage and thinning. All the combing and pulling you need to do can lead to unnecessary hair loss, and the elastics you use can cause the strands to break. Attempting to do tight styles while your hair is still damp and more susceptible to getting damaged is definitely a no-no.

Teasing Your Tresses

Getting your mane teased is an effective way to attain volume. However, this hairstyling technique is actually bad for your locks as it damages the outer layer of each hair strand that serves as protection, ultimately leading to breakage. If you tend to have thin or limp hair, simply opt for good hair caring and styling products formulated to add volume.

Vigorously Toweling Your Hair

You may be guilty of this especially if you are constantly in a rush to get to the office or somewhere else. It’s a good idea to blot your hair against a soft and fluffy towel to remove excess water and protect it from getting damaged. Vigorous toweling will only expose your mane to a lot of unwanted friction.

Using Cotton Pillowcases

Cotton is known for its superb absorbent properties, making it an excellent material for garment-making. However, using pillowcases out of cotton may be a terrible idea because the fabric will only rob your hair of its moisture as you spend hours in dreamland. It is a better idea to opt for pillowcases out of satin or silk.

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Brushing Wet Hair

It’s a good thing to brush as it untangles your hair and makes it shiny as you spread natural oils from your scalp to the tip of every strand. However, brushing right after taking a bath or shower is a terrible idea. Stick to having your hair finger-combed while it’s still wet to prevent breakage and hair loss.

Crash Dieting to Lose Excess Weight

Time and time again, health authorities say that crash dieting won’t work. If there’s a part of your body that it can make thin effectively, that’s your hair. The lack of nutrients can cause your hair to fall out and even fail to grow back. It doesn’t come as a surprise why anorexics usually suffer from severe hair loss.

Staying Under the Sun Excessively

A little sun is good for you, but it’s entirely a different story if you bake under it for extended periods of time. The sun’s UV rays can cause the outer protective layer of each hair strand to become thin and weak, thus making your tresses more prone to breakage. Always wear a hat or use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen.

Using Hot Hair Styling Tools

Blistering-hot hair styling tools can make your hair dry and brittle, making it more susceptible to breakage and split ends. Limit the use of these hair styling tools to a couple of times a week. And when you use them, opt for the lowest setting to prevent hair damage.

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