What Happens When You Burn Bay Leaves in Your Home?

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Bay leaves, which are most often used in cooking, have many benefits than just improving the flavor of soups or other dishes. Even the ancient Romans and Greeks believed in the healing power of this herb.

They used bay leaves not only in their food, but also in medicine. They ingested the leaves dried or fresh dried and mixed them with water to fight various diseases.

But did you know that bay leaves can also provide your home with a certain ambience? That distinctive smell, that makes them special. Your home atmosphere fills you with balance and inner peace, and you just feel good when you are there.

The aroma of bay leaves is triggering your good mood.

What Happens When You Burn Bay Leaves in Your Home?
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Where Do Bay Leaves Come From?

Bay leaves come from the laurel tree. The laurel wreath is still used today as a symbol of heroism, hope and victory.

Benefits of Burning Bay Leaves:

1. Provides Respiratory Relief

Bay leaves contain eugenol and mycrene. Both of these compounds contains great anti-inflammatory properties and are, in fact, used heavily in stress reduction therapy.

Burning of bay leaves, make these compounds airborne. Once inhaled, they will lessen any respiratory inflammation. This can work wonders if you are suffering from bad cold and allergies.
or have a bad cold.

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2. Reduces Anxiety

Bay leaf contains a compound known as linalool. A study by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists found that linalool enhances social interaction and reduces anxiety.

Just 10 minutes of smelling a burning bay leaf, linalool begins working. It has been described as having a mildly psychedelic effects.

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How To Burn Bay Leaves Properly?

You should burn bay leaves properly, to unleash their benefits very quickly.

1. Place one dried leaf in an ashtray.
2. Put the leaf on fire and leave the room for a few minutes.You can close the door behind you to let the bay leaf aroma fill the room.
3. Upon your return, blow out the embers and breathe in deeply.

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