Quick Tips on Pacifying and Properly Expressing Your Anger

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Anger is perfectly normal and may even be considered healthy. The uncontrolled kind, however, can make you a danger to yourself and most especially to everyone around you. If often you find yourself in an outburst of anger that you have a hard time controlling, relax and continue reading to know how to pacify your anger in the healthiest and most effective ways.

Wait for Yourself to Calm Down Before Expressing Yourself

If you are having a hard time collecting your thoughts during the heat of the moment, it’s a better idea to wait for a while before you say anything. It will be easier to think about what you want to express if you have a calm mind. Saying things you don’t mean and will probably take back later on is very easy when you’re furious.

Step Away From the Scene and Do a Mild Exercise for a While

The moment you feel that the tension is escalating and you’re likely to burst in anger, walk away from the scene and try to get some form of physical exercise. Walking, riding a bike or even taking a jog helps in reducing your stress levels, making it easier for you to calm down and ultimately confront the situation in a more levelheaded manner.

Take Deep Breaths to Make Yourself Calm

Nothing can give you instant relaxation than doing some deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and fill your lungs with air. Hold it for a couple of seconds, and very slowly release the air through your mouth. Do this for a few more times until you feel calmer. Taking deep breaths helps negate the various symptoms of the fight or flight response of your body when stressed — tensed muscles, excessive sweating, increased heart rate, and rapid and shallow breathing.

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Refrain From Forcing Others to Accept Your Viewpoint

Everyone is different and it’s perfectly understandable if the person in front of you has a point of view that is dissimilar to yours. He or she is probably not expecting you to convert to his or her viewpoint so it’s a good idea to listen and simply accept the fact that the two of you have opposing opinions.

Focus on How You Feel Rather than on What You Don’t Like About the Person

When talking about the issue at hand, focus on statements with the word “I” to show how you really feel as well as to avoid putting the blame on the other party unnecessarily. For instance, you may say “I am disappointed that you arrived 15 minutes late” rather than “You are never on time”.

Use Some Humor to Disperse Much of the Tension

A dash of humor can help make the tension become a little lighter. No one really wants to fight. Injecting some humor may help put the argument to an end soon. However, refrain from sounding sarcastic as it may only hurt the other person’s feelings and even make the situation worse.

Learn Two Things: To Forgive and the Lesson Imparted by the Argument

Forgiving may not always be easy but, just like how the old adage goes, it is a superhuman’s trait. Holding a grudge is something that will only consume a lot of your positive energy. After the tension is through, it is also important to identify the lessons to learn to avoid having the same problem in the future.

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