This Popular Condiment May Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer

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This popular Japanese condiment just may be the answer to pancreatic cancer. Wasabi, which is made from spicy Japanese horseradish maybe more than just an addition to your sushi.

A recent study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine has revealed that it may actually have properties that help fight pancreatic cancer.

This Popular Condiment May Help Fight Pancreatic Cancer


The study shows that wasabi fights cancer by getting to the root of the disease. The researchers involved in the study, evaluated a compound found in wasabi called 6-MITC and its efficacy against pancreatic cancer.

To simplify things, the study concluded that the compound known as “6-MITC” from wasabi can help kill cancer cells and get to the bottom of the disease, known as the stem cells.

But because of the fact that wasabi is very pungent and strong, it may not be a suitable treatment for some. However, the researchers believe that the isolated compound itself, which is considered to be flavorless, can be useful against pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is cancer of the pancreas. It is known for being resistant to conventional methods of treatment. Most individuals who are diagnosed with this form of cancer have very slim chances of living 5 years past their diagnosis, even with the use aggressive treatment.

Therefore, the researchers are particularly interested in any alternative medicines that may be useful in the treatment of this disease. Pancreatic cancer accounts for almost 3% of all cancer in the U.S.

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This recent study featuring wasabi-based compounds is the most recent in an ongoing research process. But while there is no reason not to incorporate wasabi into your diet, do not expect that eating them in abundance, will cure cancer on its own. This is because the studies undertaken took place in lab settings, where researchers are able to apply compounds directly to cancerous tumors and observe their effects.

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