Ways to Strengthen Joints Naturally

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Ways to Strengthen Joints NaturallyThere is a growing concern with regards to joint health as studies have shown that around 70 million people will be affected by osteoarthritis by the year 2030. Strengthening your joints, therefore, is imperative as it will not only help you stay fit but also boosts your flexibility which is important as you age. Strong joints mean better movement such as bending, running, and even playing with your grandkids in the future.

Strengthen Your Joints the Natural Way

  • Boost your calcium. Calcium is directly linked to having healthy and strong bones which is why it is important that you get 1000 mg of calcium per day until you reach 51 years of age. Afterwards, you will need about 1,200 mg of calcium to help sustain your bones even as you grow older. Although there are calcium supplements available, it is still better that you go for natural sources such as yogurt, edamame, dark leafy vegetables, and almonds just to name a few.
  • Fish oil can help. Joint pain can occur not only because of sustained injury but because of arthritis or inflammation of the joints. Most turn to painkillers to help relieve the pain. One of the best ways to prevent inflammation is by taking fish oil supplements to help increase the essential fatty acids in your system. You will need about 1,200 mg worth of essential fatty acids in a day which taking fish oil supplements can help you with. Research showed that those who took fish oil pills daily reported that they no longer experience joint pain after 4 months.
  • Reduce weight. What else can you do to help strengthen your joints? Lose weight. Your joints can suffer from carrying too much weight particular in your knees and ankles which is why it is necessary that you lose weight to a more sustainable number. When you lose weight, it will ease the pressure on your joints which in turn help minimize your risk of getting into accidents or joint pain.
  • Start exercising. There is no better solution to strengthening your joints than working out. Yes, eating healthy is important but without exercise, your bones and muscles won’t become stronger. Even if you experience joint pain, exercise can help alleviate the pain thanks to boosting your endorphin production. Depending on your current fitness level, choose exercises that are appropriate for your age and level of fitness as well as overall health. If you are nursing an injury it would be better to do low-impact workouts first to help your body adjust to the exercise. If you are more confident with your body’s capabilities, you can go for high-impact workouts.
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These are just a few natural ways for you to make your bones stronger particularly your joints. Keeping these things in mind can certainly help you grow older without worrying about inflammation, brittle bones, and poor flexibility even. By constantly monitoring your health, watching what you eat, and even exercising regularly, you’ll be able to grow stronger and more flexible in no time.

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