11 Signs that You Could Have Cervical Cancer

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Cervical cancer happens when there are abnormal cells that develop on the cervix. These cells tend to grow out of control, but they can be managed and treated with the help of a Pap test. When found early, cervical cancer can be cured successfully, which is why you have to know the signs of the disease.

Sign #1: You experience leg pain.

While not all leg pains are associated with cervical cancer, this is one of the most common signs of the disease. Check your legs to see if they are swelling. If so, there is a chance that you have cervical cancer, since swollen cervix can lead to poor blood flow.

Sign #2: You have abnormal vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge is usually something you don’t have to worry about because it is a normal part of how the vagina cleans itself. However, the discharge should be colorless and odorless. If it becomes smelly, has irregular appearance, and the amount increases, this could be a sign that you have cervical cancer.

Sign #3: You have vaginal bleeding.

Women bleed every month when they have regular periods. However, if you experience vaginal bleeding when it is not your time of the month, you may want to be extra cautious as this could signal you that you have cervical cancer. This is often a medical emergency, especially if you bleed after sex or you are postmenopausal. Make sure that you contact your physician as soon as you can.

Sign #4: Urinating is uncomfortable.

Normal peeing should not be painful. There should not be any burning or stinging sensation when you go to the restroom. If you find it uncomfortable to urinate, you should immediately check with your physician to make sure that you have no cervical cancer. Don’t wait for the symptoms to worsen, since painful peeing already indicates that the cancer has already reached nearby tissues.

Sign #5: Your pee suddenly changes.

Changes include your urinary habits, the appearance, and the frequency. If you unexpectedly experience incontinence or the inability to control your bladder and your urine changed color, you should talk to a medical professional. Do so immediately, especially if you see that your urine is tinged with blood.

Sign #6: You no longer enjoy sex.

If sex has become painful for you, this could be an indication that you have cervical cancer. Make sure that you contact your doctor, especially if dyspareunia or painful intercourse happens quite abruptly.

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Sign #7: You are experiencing pelvic pain.

Pain radiating from your pelvis is actually quite common, especially if you are on your menstrual cycle. However, if the pain becomes more intense than usual and it happens more than before while lasting for longer periods, this could be a sign that you have cervical cancer.

Sign #8: You have back pain.

Men and women experience back pain. As a matter of fact, 80% of the population complains about back pain. While there are a number of other reasons that are associated with back pain, you may want to get yourself checked for cervical cancer, particularly if you experience this along with the other symptoms mentioned here.

Sign #9: You have lost weight and you feel tired all the time.

If you are not on a diet, but you suddenly lose weight, this can be a sign that you have cervical cancer. Of course, this can only be proven through a physical checkup. There are many causes of unexplained weight loss and fatigue. In the case of cervical cancer, the red blood cells are being replaced by white blood cells. If there are more white blood cells in the body, this can cause you to suffer from anemia, which can lead to lack of energy, sudden weight loss, and inexplicable fatigue.

Sign #10: You have haphazard menstrual cycles.

Periods should come every month at a given period of time. Although there are other reasons that may be behind why your menstrual cycles are irregular, this is actually one of the signs of cervical cancer. This is especially true for those who have normal cycles and they suddenly experience irregular cycles. Contact a medical professional immediately if you think there is something wrong with your menstrual periods.

Sign #11: You have frequent diarrhea.

While there are other reasons why you keep on going back to the bathroom to eliminate, this can also be caused by cervical cancer. Diarrhea in patients with this cancer actually denotes that the cancer has already developed and has spread to some parts of the body. Nevertheless, it is still very important to contact a medical professional as soon as you suspect you have the disease.

Women should always be worried about abnormalities in their reproductive system, including their cervix. Knowing the signs can help you protect yourself against cervical cancer. Also, don’t discount the importance of Pap testing to help spot precancerous changes in your cervix.

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