Why Exercising is Good for Kids with ADHD

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Why Exercising is Good for Kids with ADHDChildren who are diagnosed with ADHD often have a hard time with their executive function which is basically how they solve a particular problem or even organize their time, things, and the like. This is one of the reasons why those with ADHD tend to forget a task they were set to do such as their homework. The good news is that there is a way for parents to help their child develop this particular function and that is through exercising.

Benefits of Exercising for Children with ADHD

  • Improve executive function. Exercising helps children with ADHD to solve puzzles and problems without putting much pressure on them. By guiding the child throughout the exercises and let him figure out how to solve or understand the exercise on his own can be a big boost to his confidence as well as his mental faculties.
  • Develop better behavior. Children with ADHD can become short-tempered easily with the tendency to hit back, name calling, talking when not spoken to, even refusal to join any activities. Exercising can help remove these habits because you are training them how to react properly in any situation. Also exercising can help release any pent up emotion so they can remain calm especially when they’re nearing a temper tantrum.
  • Better response. Some children with ADHD often need medication to keep them calm but sometimes the medications don’t work. Relying too much on medicine to help control your child’s ADHD may not be a good idea in the long run especially when their body develops immunity to it. If you want the medicine to work properly, it is important that you exercise your child.
  • Keep healthy. Another benefit to exercising for children with ADHD is that they will be able to stay healthy for a long time. This is because exercise helps with the blood flow in the body where oxygen is carried to each of the organs so they will be able to function normally. Also exercising can help keep their blood pressure at the right number.
  • Better brain function. When your child exercises, neurotransmitters will be released such as dopamine which helps your child be more attentive. Medications for ADHD also help with the release of dopamine which is why it is only logical that letting your child do various exercises is a must especially when you want him to be more attentive to you and his surroundings.
  • Better physical health. Another plus to exercising is that it helps their body to become stronger while at the same time improving their overall health. This is important as it helps keep various diseases at bay because every organ in their body is being supplied with oxygen through the blood being pumped through the veins.
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Children with ADHD don’t have to rely on medication alone to keep them focused and in their best behavior. Exercising can do wonders to their health not just in terms of physical but emotional and mental as well especially when you are there to guide them every step of the way.

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