Tips for Dieters when Eating Out

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Tips for Dieters when Eating OutOne of the biggest challenges that dieters face is eating out. For one thing, most of the dishes served in various restaurants are rich in calorie content plus they don’t want to be seen as kill joys by their friends. Another problem that they face is they get to be railroaded when it comes to choosing restaurants especially when they are the only ones who are on a diet. Is there any way for a dieter to stick to his or her diet program without missing out on all the fun?

The good news is that there are ways to survive eating out without having to break your diet program. Here are a few tips that can help you manage the day even when you are on a diet.

  • Be Smart. When dining out, skip the bread basket and go for a bowl of broth or salad with light dressing. Not only are these options healthier but they will also make you feel full which can help you eat less during the main course.
  • Watch Your Plate. Most restaurants tend to serve overly large plates so instead of trying to finish everything on your plate, ask someone to share the food with you or you can bring half of it home. This way, you can still stick to your diet and you get to have leftovers to enjoy back home.
  • Check Your Drinks. It is possible for you to drink even when you are on a diet as long as you know what to choose. Avoid sugary beverages like margaritas and cosmos and opt for spirits or wines because they only have 90 calories per glass. If you want to lower your calorie intake mix half a glass of club soda with spritzer for your drink.
  • Three Bites for Sweets. Who can resist desserts especially when dining out? There is nothing wrong with indulging in sweetness after your dinner but if you want to stick with your diet, it is best that you limit your bites to three. Savor each bite of your dessert so that it will last plus you won’t be tempted to eat more because you are already full.
  • Walk it Off. If you are worried about the amount of calories you’ve eaten when dining out, the good news is that you can walk it off. Ask your friends to take a turn down the street or walk around the mall if you’re eating nearby.
  • Ruin your Appetite. If you plan on dining out later in the day, don’t skip meals. What you can do instead is to eat small meals until your dinner. Not only will this stop you from eating a lot but you can get enough fuel to enjoy the rest of the night with your friends.
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Who said that going on a diet will be a hindrance to your enjoyment with your friends? With these tips in mind, you can survive the night without worrying about the amount of calories you will be eating.

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