How To Keep Your Liver Healthy

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How To Keep Your Liver HealthyThe liver is responsible for detoxifying the body and it also functions as a producer of albumin, the most abundant protein in the blood. It is also in charge of many immunological functions that keep you from contracting diseases. That, however, does not mean the liver is safe from diseases.

The following food items can help in keeping your liver healthy:


You may hate their pungent smell but onion has the ability to trigger the ability of liver enzymes to speed up the body’s function to flush out toxins. Garlic also has high levels of selenium and allicin, both compounds known for cleansing the liver.

Beets and Carrots

Both carrots and beets are rich in beta-carotene and plant-flavonoids, which improve liver function and stimulates the liver cleansing process.


Walnuts contain huge amounts of the amino acid arginine, which aid the liver in the process of detoxifying ammonia. It also has omega-3 fatty acids and glutathione which help in cleaning the liver of toxins.


Avocados are very rich in glutathione and contain other nutrients that aids the function of many body organs like the liver.

Olive Oil

When used in moderation, olive oil has been proven to be good for the liver as it provides the body with a lipid base that gets rid of the harmful toxins in the body organs including the liver. This also means that the liver’s workload will now be lighter as the olive oil already did some of its job.

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This wonder fruit has high levels of pectin which help in cleaning out the toxins out of the digestive tract. This eases the burden on the liver to perform well in handling super-toxic content in the food we eat.

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Grapefruits have vitamin C and antioxidants which helps in increasing the natural cleansing ability of the liver’s enzymes and flushes out toxins and carcinogens before they affect the body.

Lemon and Limes

These citrus fruits are great sources of vitamin C which helps the body in breaking down toxins into compounds that can be absorbed as part of water.

Also, DRINK ALCOHOL MODERATELY. Alcohol is the major cause of the 25 percent increase in liver disease deaths in England from 2001 to 2009. No matter how many apples and grapefruits you eat a day would not compensate for the damage alcohol would have on your liver. Also perform a liver cleanse twice a year at most to make sure that your liver gets rid of toxins.

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