10 Beauty Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Cost

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Prevention is always better than cure, as the saying goes. So why not master these beauty tips and with enough discipline, before you fix the damage?

You can take your cue from any fashion women. You can bet that she would never commit any of the mistakes below.

10 Beauty Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Cost
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Common Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making:

1. Forgetting to Put On Sunscreen

Not putting on sunscreen will be the beginning of your skin’s downfall. Make sure you apply sunscreen everyday to avoid skin damaege. What is on your makeup does not count.

2. Do Not Sleep With Makeup On

Did you know why some women can get away with stepping out, with barely any makeup? That is because these women take really good care of their skin. Think about this, the next time you get into bed with your makeup on.

3. Forgetting to Wash Your Face Twice a Day

Unless you want to risk having a breakout in the next 24 hours, you know perfectly well that cleansing your face must never be skipped. This is before and after hitting the sheets. You can also exfoliate and moisturize.

4. Not Cleaning Your Make-up Tools

It is very important that you clean your brushes and sponges. Brushes that are caked with oils, dirt and makeup can clog your pores with bacteria, leading to breakouts or skin irritations.

5. Using Shampoo Everyday

You don’t need to shampoo your hair daily. Washing your hair frequently means you strip them of their natural oils, therefore doing more harm than good.

6. Thinking That Expensive Products are Better

Some people believed that only expensive products and brands go a long way in keeping your skin free from any skin-related problems and your skin healthy. The fact is that these expensive products, almost do the same job as that of a less expensive product.

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7. Not Checking the Expiration Date of Products

Once your beauty products is past its expiration date, its efficiency starts to wear off. While that may not sound too bad, you should know that expired products can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Always check the expiration date, before it does expire.

8. Neglecting Your Neck

Your neck are exposed to the same aging effects as your faces. Therefore, the skin there is similarly sensitive and is expose to sunlight almost year-round. When applying your SPF and moisturizer, don’t stop at your jawline.

9. Using Hot Water to Clean Your Face

Using extremely hot water for washing and bathing your face, can be damaging. This is because, hot water removes all the oils present in your skin. As a result, the natural moisturisation is lost with it.

10. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Your quality of life, and whether or not you are taking good care of yourself, shows on your face. That is why dry and dull skin is often the result of bad sleeping habits.

Your skin needs enough sleep, to rejuvenate itself, and not getting enough number of hours can wreak havoc on your complexion.

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