What You Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer and Natural Remedies for It

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What You Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer and Natural Remedies for It
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Early detection of ovarian cancer is essential. Otherwise, this form of cancer that begins in the ovaries may be harder to treat once it has already spread within the various areas in the abdominal region. The kind that is confined to the ovary may be treated effectively with chemotherapy and surgery.

Women at any age can suffer from ovarian cancer. However, the disease is more common among 50 to 60 year olds. Those who had their menstruation before 12 and those who underwent menopause past 52 years old are said to be at high risk. Other risk factors include undergoing hormone replacement therapy, smoking, having polycystic ovary syndrome, use of intrauterine device or IUD, never been pregnant and having an inherited gene mutation.

During its early stages, ovarian cancer rarely causes any symptom. When it hits a more advanced stage, the symptoms the disease yields is often mistaken for conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or constipation. Other symptoms a woman with ovarian cancer may experience include abdominal swelling or bloating, discomfort in the pelvic region, frequent urge to urinate, changes in toilet habits such as constipation, and unexplained weight loss.

In diagnosing ovarian cancer, it’s not unlikely for a doctor to begin inspecting the genitals in order to look for signs that the disease is present. A doctor may also recommend blood tests as well as ultrasound or CT scan of both the abdomen and pelvis in order to visually inspect the ovaries. A biopsy may also be warranted to examine a tissue sample.

Ovarian cancer comes in 4 stages. Stage 1 means that cancer is found in one or both ovaries. If cancer has spread to the neighboring areas in the pelvis, it’s referred to as stage 2 ovarian cancer. Stage 3 means cancer has spread to the abdominal region. In stage 4 ovarian cancer, the problem has already spread outside the abdomen.

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Usually, a combination of chemotherapy and surgery is done in order to treat ovarian cancer. The surgical removal of the affected parts of the ovaries as well as tissues in the pelvic or abdominal region is performed. Afterwards, chemotherapy is carried out to kill off the remaining cancer cells. There are instances wherein chemotherapy is conducted before surgery, such as with the case of advanced ovarian cancer.

There are a few natural solutions that are said to be effective against ovarian cancer. What’s so nice about going for the all-natural approach is the cost and complications of undergoing surgery may be avoided, as well as the unfavorable side effects of chemotherapy. Do take note that these remedies may be only effective for women who are combating early stage ovarian cancer. Here are some of the best:

  • Exposure to sunlight – It is said that women with deficiency in vitamin D are at higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. The best source of vitamin D is the sun.What You Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer and Natural Remedies for It
  • Drink ginger tea – Ginger is known to help control inflammation, something which may trigger or aggravate ovarian cancer. Many swear by the effectiveness if taking ginger tea up to 3 times daily.What You Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer and Natural Remedies for It
  • Consume fruits and vegetables – Loaded with antioxidants, including fresh fruits and vegetables allows your body to prevent and combat ovarian cancer naturally.What You Need to Know About Ovarian Cancer and Natural Remedies for It
  • Include shiitake mushrooms in the diet. Numerous researches have shown that shiitake mushrooms may help inhibit the growth and multiplication of cancer cells in the ovaries.

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