Stop Hair Loss by Using This DIY Scalp Massage

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Hair is one of your most defining characteristics. But what if you notice that you are experiencing hair loss?

Don’t worry just yet! There are a number of reasons for your hair loss, but there’s also an effective method to prevent it.

Each of the essential oils you will use in the below recipe, smells fantastic, so using this scalp treatment daily is a real treat. Now you can relax every night with natural fragrances.

Stop Hair Loss by Using This DIY Scalp Massage
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Oil Massage Scalp Treatment


3-6 drops of lavender essential oils (you can use thyme, rosemary and cedarwood)
1 Tablespoon carrier oil (grape seed oil or jojobo oil)

1. Combine carrier and essential oils together.
2. Pour on your hands.
3. Focus on the problem areas and massage directly onto your scalp.

– Do not attempt to treat hair loss, while you are pregnant.
– You can apply this at night, so you can benefit from the calming effects of cedarwood and lavender.

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