Ways to Get a Better Smile

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Ways to Get a Better Smile
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Smiling indicates happiness. It is contagious as a person who smiles affects her inner self, as well as the people around her. While one does not need to be a celebrity to know how to flash a smile, is it nice to know some ways to have a better smile whether in front of or away from the camera.

Oral health is one of the crucial elements in getting the perfect smile. While braces and veneers can help improve one’s looks, there are several ways to preserve a good set of teeth. According to Health Line, flossing, aside from brushing the teeth, helps get rid of plaque between the teeth and beneath the gumlines. If these routines are done daily, gingivitis or the inflammation of the gums, as well as prevent tooth decay, can be prevented. Plaque and tartar that are left in the mouth can gather under the gumline surface and result to a condition called periodontal disease, which results to bone destruction and eventually, tooth loss.

In case of dental problems, finding a highly recommended dentist in the locale is an important consideration. According to Real Self, good teeth cleaning, bonding, and whitening could suffice to improve one’s smile and yield the results that she wanted. The publication added that a complete dental examination, with X-rays and cleaning, would help an individual to choose and rank necessary procedures or treatment. Photos and treatment workups will also help one to decide among feasible options like braces, bonding, caps or crowns, implants, porcelain facings (veneers), and gum tissue enhancement, among others.

Facial exercises also help create a perfect smile. According to the Cowden Family Dental, this can be achieved with an exercise called the “smile exercise.” The smile exercise enhances the facial muscles that are used when smiling, which gives a person greater control over her expressions of happiness. This exercise is done with the face and lips in a relaxed state, while sitting or standing in front of the mirror. The corners of the mouth are stretched laterally or to the sides while keeping the lips together and the position is held for ten seconds. Then, the lateral stretch is expanded and the lips are opened to show the edge of the teeth. This is held for ten seconds. After that, the smile is stretched further laterally, exposing about half of the teeth, for another ten seconds. Then, the teeth are all shown, while smiling as wide and hard as possible, for another ten seconds.

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The upper lip also factors in when smiling. According to Times of India, a person with a thicker upper lip should try showing off a little bit of his teeth when smiling while a person with a thin upper lip should try smiling so the bottom edges of the upper teeth touch the lower lip. The publication added that the teeth can be wet with water before the photo is taken to add a bit of shine to the teeth in case they are not as gleaming as one wants them to be.

A smile should be natural. According to Web MD, smiling should be gentle, such as in photo moments. It should be in contrary to the quick smile that the face does when a person sees an old friend, in which the eyes squint and the neck muscles become tense, which could result to an odd-looking pose on a photo. The publication said that the mouth should open slightly and the lower lip should match the curve of the upper teeth. This way, the face will look relaxed.

Nothing beats a perfect smile. With the aforementioned tips, one will not be shy to smile and how her mouth in front of the mirror or around other people.

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