How to Effectively Quit Smoking With Lime Juice

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This is good news for smokers worldwide, a new study conducted by the Department of Medicine, Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand tested the effectiveness of using fresh lime as a smoking cessation aid, compared with nicotine gum.


The test involves a trial conducted for regular smokers aged 18 or older who were willing to quit and they received either fresh lime (n = 47) or nicotine gum (n = 53).

Smokers were not included if they were using other smoking cessation aids, are allergic to citrus or had dental problems. Smoking reduction was confirmed by measuring the amount of exhaled carbon monoxide (CO), with measurements at weeks 9-12 being the primary outcome. The severity of craving was also measured through the use of a visual analogue scale.

How Lime Juice Works

Lime is a non-toxic and easily accessible alternative to nicotine gum. It also has many side benefits which includes alkalinizing the tissues, which are normally more acidic in smokers.

It also has significant antimicrobial activity against multiple strains of E. coli and in inhibiting the survival of Vibrio cholera.


The results of the test showed that no significant differences in the abstinence rates between the groups during weeks 9-12. But it was observed that a 7 days or 1 week point prevalence abstinence during the 4th week of the fresh lime users was significantly lower, as compared to those using nicotine gum (38.3% vs. 58.5%; p = 0.04).

They also found fresh lime users report more intense cravings than the nicotine gum group. But the number of cravings were found not to differ significantly between the groups.

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The test concluded that, “Fresh lime can be effectively used as a smoking cessation aid, but it is not as good as nicotine gum in reducing cravings.

Lemon Lime Juice Recipe

1 lime
1 lemon
1 teaspoon sugar
1 cup water
Ice Cubes

1. Cut the lime and lemon and squeeze all the juice out.
2. Put the juice in a glass. Then add 1 cup of water with the teaspoon of sugar.
3. Stir well and add the ice cubes.
4. Serve.

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