Tips for a Ripped Body

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Tips for a Ripped BodyHaving a ripped and toned physique increases one’s body figure, especially for men. In addition, having chiseled chest and abs, along with big arms, broad shoulders, and V-tapered back, increases their self-esteem and self-worth. The following are tips for getting a shredded body.

According to Muscle and Fitness, getting ripped is a product of the interplay among key elements, which include a workout or exercise program and a diet. The physical activities contribute to having a ripped physique by boosting one’s metabolism, along with the intensity of the routines. Meanwhile, nutrition also factors in in getting a chiseled body. While the body does the exercise and the lifting inside the gym, the key to achieving the ripped body someone desires is made in the kitchen.

Another key element to becoming ripped is consuming more fat. Human Fit Project trainer and dietician Tim McComsey told Men’s Fitness that fat did not make a person fat, but too much food made him fat. McComsey’s statement entails that eating more fat in the diet would give someone sense of fullness, since fats take longer time to be broken down and this would reduce his cravings for more food. In addition, McComsey said that fat played a role in regulating the muscle-supporting hormone testosterone, as fats maintain hormones within normal levels for the body to be on its optimum function. However, fat intake should not be excessive, since they also contribute to having cardiovascular disorders, such as atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary artery disease, and stroke.

Nate Miyaki, C.S.S.N., a nutritionist and trainer in San Francisco, told Muscle and fitness that one had to consider counting calories and macros for him to look “movie-ticket” ripped. According to Miyaki, 12 calories per pound of lead body mass was a good foundation. This entails that one could also use his body weight as reference to the calculations of his intake of calories and macros. For instance, 180 pounds means beginning at 2,160 calories per day, since 12 multiplied by 180 is 2,160. As per Muscle and Fitness, the rule of thumb is setting the protein at one gram per pound of the target weight, along with carbohydrates at one gram per pound, and fat at 0.4 gram per pound.

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Burning excess fat is another part of the body shredding plan. According to The Athletic Build, doing a million crunches and purchasing fat burning gadgets from an infomercial were part of the greatest myths on getting ripped abs. The publication added that one would never see his abs by just doing crunches and buying such ab-ripping gadget from the television. Aside from lowering carbohydrate intake and adding protein to the diet, another technique to rib the abs is doing the high intensity interval training or HIIT. This is a combination of a high intensity exercise, such as sprinting for about a minute or less, which is followed by a low intensity exercise, such as walking for the same amount of time. The process is then repeated until at least five sets of sprints had been completed. According to The Athletic Build, this strategy had been proved to yield faster results following an exercise and it was considered to be more efficient than jogging at a medium pace. Aside from HIIT, the abs can also be ripped by doing hanging leg raises and ab crunch on a stability ball.

Overall, a ripped body is part of aesthetics in both men and women in the realm of health and fitness. It might be easy; however, it is actually challenging because it takes a matter of time, discipline, and dedication. Coupled with physical masterpiece is high regard to one’s self-image and confidence, which contributes to a person’s holistic well-being.

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