Tips for Sleeping Problems

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Tips for Sleeping ProblemsSleeping is the body’s way to rest. It allows the individual’s body system to recover and recuperate, thus, giving it the chance to be refreshed from the activities of the daily living. Adequate sleep also provides a major boost to one’s overall health, mood, cognition, weight management, and sex life. Without it, health will be impaired, which may lead to serious health threats. The following are the tips to promote adequate rest and sleep.

Setting up a calming pre-sleep routine is a helpful way to combat sleeping problems. According to Healthy Sleep, taking a bath can induce sleep because of the increase and decline in the body temperature. Also, reading a book, watching television, and doing relaxation exercises like deep breathing also conditions the body into the sleep mode. Stressful activities, such as moderate to heavy exercise, doing work, and talking about emotional should be avoided, as they promote the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which is linked to boosting one’s alertness level, thus, preventing sleep. Writing one’s problem down and putting them aside may be done for one to prevent thinking about them.

The atmosphere or the environment may affect whether one will be able to sleep or not. According to Mayo Clinic, there is a room that is ideal for sleeping; however, it does not entail a dark and quiet room. Depending on a person’s preference, he or she can sleep with or without the lights. Using room-earplugs, shades, or fan can be used to create an atmosphere that is perceived to induce a good sleep. In addition, the mattress and pillow also factor in when it comes to sleep. One should make sure that these are neither too stiff nor too soft. Also, it should be made sure that a bed can accommodate people if sharing has been decided. Setting limits on how often children sleep with their parents can also help.

To promote sleep, alcohol, cigarettes, and heavy meals in the evening should also be avoided. According to Sleep Foundation, alcohol and caffeine in cigarettes can disrupt sleep. These substances make alterations in the nervous system, which affects the cognitive and brain processes associated with sleeping. To add, caffeine prevents sleep because it maintains the brains alertness, which stops the body shift into its sleep mode. Meanwhile, eating large or spicy meals can also lead to discomfort secondary to indigestion, making it challenging to sleep. To resolve the issue, one should avoid eating big meals two to three hours before bedtime. If one is hungry, he may eat a light snack 45 minutes prior to going to bed. In fact, drinking warm milk before bedtime can also induce sleep, as milk has L-tryptophan, which promotes sleep.

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Another tip to have a good night’s sleep is by naturally controlling one’s sleep-wake cycle. This can be done by regulating the production of melatonin, according to Help Guide. Melatonin is a hormone, which is controlled by exposure to light and it helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Increased melatonin is produced by the brain in the evening that in the morning, thus, one will feel sleepy at night that during the day. However, this can be influenced by some factors. Spending the day inside the office will block one’s exposure to natural light, which can affect one’s daytime wakefulness and make the brain sleepy. On the other hand, exposure to bright lights at night, such as in front of the television or computer, can decrease melatonin secretion and make it harder to sleep. To boost melatonin production, one should spend more time outside during daytime, allow light to enter home or workplace, and making sure that the room is not bright at night.

Overall, a person’s activities may affect his sleep patterns. Thus, he should consider his sleep schedule, bedtime habits, and daily life choices to improve the quality of his sleep and rest.

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