Did you know that having fur babies may help your human baby build immunity? A family dog may be a baby’s best friend for avoiding allergies and becoming obese later in life, a new study suggests.

Pet Exposure Might Help In Protecting Babies from Obesity and Allergies
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Study Says Pet Exposure Might Help In Protecting Babies from Obesity and Allergies

Anita Kozyrskyj, a University of Alberta epidemiologist and a team of researchers analyzed more than 700 Canadian children. They found that babies who are exposed to pets while in the womb or up to 3 months recorded an “abundance” of ruminococcus and oscillospira, the latter of which is associated with lower body mass index or leanness, as published in the Microbiome.

Kozyrskyj said the 2 types of bacteria increased “twofold” or “twice” when a pet was in the house. The research team said the theory is, that early exposure to bacteria such as that from a dog, creates a type of resistance.

Newborns and unborn babies often are indirectly exposed, with the microbes passing from pet, to mother to baby. This means a child could get the benefits of the microbes even if the pet were removed from the house before the baby was born.

The research findings also suggest pet exposure could cut down the risk of group B strep, which the CDCP or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, could cause pneumonia, blood infection and meningitis in newborns. Medical doctors treat against group B strep, by giving mothers antibiotics during the delivery process.

Lastly, Kozyrrskyj said she would not be surprised if the pharmaceutical industry made a “dog in a pill” to reap the benefits of the microbes.

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