How to Use Baby Powder to Lengthen Your Eyelashes

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We got the best beauty hack to lengthen your eyelashes. As it turns out, that voluminous lashes are just a dusting of baby powder away. Yes, just baby powder.

Say goodbye to those false lashes and instead, extend the life of your favorite mascara with these easy steps below.

How to Use Baby Powder to Lengthen Your Eyelashes
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How to do it:
1. Coat Your Lashes With Mascara.

Apply your normal coat of mascara without any baby powder.

2. Coat Your Mascara Wand Using Baby Powder.

After the application of your first coat of mascara, put a little baby powder into the palm of your hand. Then roll a dry mascara wand in it to pick up some of the powder.

3. Apply Powder to Your Lashes.

Brush the powder-covered wand through your eyelashes carefully. This part can get a little messy with the powder falling onto your cheeks.

4. Apply a Second Coat of Mascara.

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It is time for that second coat of mascara. Apply a second coat of mascara over your baby powder-primed lashes.

If you are going to try this at home, have a lash comb ready to minimize the clumping and spider lashes for your final look.

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