9 Easy Steps to Soft Feet

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Your skin is exposed to harsh elements everyday, from wind, the sun, drying soaps and harsh chemicals. Your feet can be a beautiful part of the body. But most often, people neglect theirs.

The skin on your feet becomes coarse, dry or cracked. This is far from the ideal smooth, silky feet.

Fortunately, making your feet smooth is an easy and straightforward process. You can do it overnight and cost is not that expensive. In fact, you probably have everything you need right in your home.

9 Easy Steps to Soft Feet
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Home Remedy for Soft Feet:


1 Lemon
Cotton balls
Coconut, almond or olive oil
Lavender or rose essential oil (optional)
Pumice stone
Plush socks

1. Soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes. Fill a small basin with soothing warm water. Avoid using hot water, as this can dry out your skin. Add a few drops of rose essential or lavender oil to the water to make a soothing sensory experience.
2. Dry youf feet using a soft, clean towel.
3. Slice the lemon in half. Then dip 1/2 of the lemon into a small amount of regular sugar. Scrub any rough areas on your feet, using the sugared lemon. If you have rough areas on your feet, use a foot file or pumice stone to smooth out these areas.
4. Rinse your feet using warm water and towel dry them.
5. Pour a small amount of natural oil, such as almond, coconut or olive oil, onto a small cotton ball.
6. Apply the oil to your feet, and make sure to sweep the cotton ball between and around all your toes. Re-apply oil to the cotton ball as needed.
7. Place on a pair of clean cotton socks to keep your feet clean, while the oil does its job.
8. Keep the socks on for at least 2-eight hours. Do this method around bedtime, so the oils can soak into your skin while you are sleeping.
9. Repeat the exfoliation process at least once a week. You can apply natural oil to your skin every day.

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– Be aware of any sensitivity or allergies you may have before applying oil.
– Purchase a deep moisturizing lotion for daily use to keep your skin healthy throughout the day. Re-apply after bathing.

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