Skin Care Mistakes that Must be Avoided

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Skin Care Mistakes that Must be AvoidedTaking care of our skin is important if we want it to look smooth, supple, and young looking. Most of us stick with the traditional cleaning routine of using water and soap to get rid of dirt and debris from our bodies while others slather on expensive creams to nourish their skins. But there are skin care practices that we must avoid if we want to reduce rapid aging. Here are some that are worth taking note of.

  1. Over washing. Washing our face repeatedly throughout the day may remove the dirt and sweat but it can also cause dryness. Stripping our skin of its natural oils can actually increase your risk of acne break out which can become a problem in the long run. It is best that you limit washing your face to once in the morning and once before you go to bed especially when you’re wearing makeup.
  2. Skipping sunscreen. Another skin care mistake that you should avoid is skipping wearing sunscreen. Exposing yourself to the harsh rays of the sun on a regular basis can actually promote premature aging. If you are constantly outside and not wearing any sunscreen, you are leaving your skin to the mercy of harsh UV rays that can damage your skin’s collagen production.
  3. Drinking too much caffeine but not water. Yes, we all love our morning cup of Joe and can drink it all day long but too much of this beverage is actually harmful to your skin’s health. Even drinking excessive amounts of alcohol won’t do your skin any good. One reason behind this is that you are robbing your skin of its natural moisture thus leaving it dry and dull. It’s better that you reduce your intake of caffeine to two cups a day or none at all. And for those who are drinking alcohol, try and drink some water every 2 glasses of beer to help rehydrate your body. You’ll be glad to do it once you see the effects the following day.
  4. Forgetting to remove makeup. Another mistake that women make is not removing their makeup before sleeping. Even when you’re tired, it’s important that you make time to remove your makeup and wash and cleanse your face thoroughly so your pores won’t be clogged with dirt and debris as these can cause flare ups the following day. If you don’t want to wake up with inflamed skin, you shouldn’t forget this skin care routine.
  5. Over exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin from time to time does help in revealing better looking skin but this can be quite tempting to those who want to maintain beautiful skin. Too much exfoliation can cause dryness, scars, and more acne breaking out. It’s better that you exfoliate your skin once a week to maintain youthful looking skin.
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These are just a few skin care mistakes that you should avoid at all cost. This way, you won’t have to suffer from premature aging, dullness and dryness of skin too.

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