How Meditation Helps in Weight Loss?

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Have you been struggling to lose weight? Then it might be all in your mind rather that in your waistline.

According to Lynne Goldberg, a meditation coach, excessive eating often has nothing to do with hunger, it is entirely mental.

How Meditation Helps in Weight Loss?


According to the meditation coach, maybe people are triggered unconsciously for example, by the smell of delicious cinnamon buns as you walk through the mall. Most often people eat when they are sad or stressed or sad. Also boredom and other emotional factors are often the culprits when it comes to the urge to eat.


You may be eating for reasons beyond hunger. But how do you actually stop it?

It starts with the brain, gaining control over your mind and emotions comes from meditation and mindfulness.

“Mindfulness helps you to be truly present with your feelings, emotions and thoughts as you eat. Start by practicing meditation at the start of the day to clear your thoughts.”, as per the meditation coach.

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You can also start a mindful eating practice, that includes chewing slowly and meditation around mealtime. This can increase your satiety and reduce on cravings.


Making these small but effective changes can lead to other better and healthier changes. You will also learn to pay close attention to your body’s cues.

You will also pay more attention to the sensations in your body once you become more connected through mindfulness and meditation. Instead of going for a second helping, you can learn to take an extra time, to notice your sense of fullness or other reasons you may be eating that are not hunger.

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Another important benefit of meditation is relieving stress. By relieving stress, cortisol is reduced. Cortisol is the stress hormone that causes your body to store fat, most specifically in your belly.

By removing stress from your life through mindfulness, the hormones that are causing road blocks in your weight loss are removed.

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