Health Mistakes by Men

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Health Mistakes by MenWhile mistakes about health can be inevitable at times, they still mold an individual into a better and more refined person. But for men, here are the common health mistakes committed by men.

According to Today, one of the health mistakes men make is the thought that stretch is not needed in an exercise or workout, whether it is simple or complex. Stretching is definitelty necessary, not only in men, but also in women. Some men who are buff and ripped think that they do not have to do basic stretching, a reason why they end up being injured during or after a physical exertion activity.

Some men in the 30s think that they do not have to stretch or part ways from their couches or chairs that they choose to stay on their desks more, instead of doing some physical activities. While not doing any physical exertion allows a man to relax, lack of body stretching poses him to health risks, such as obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer.

The way men handle stress is not ideal, which makes another health concern for the masculine population.Tisch Center for Men’s Health at NYU Langone Medical Center director Steven Lamm said that men withdrew and did not talk about things, which just got worse if they were completely stressed out. According to Lamm, men are unaware that excessive stress can result to depression and other mood disorders.

Men do binge drinking to cope with stress and anger. However, such can just result to a catalogue of foreseeable health crises, such as sleep disorders, erectile problems, heart diseases, and cancer, among others.

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Another common mistake men make is avoiding the doctor. According to Reader’s Digest, men seek advice from the doctor less often that women. In fact, Statistics Canada and the Canadian Communicty Health Survey learned that women had higher rates of medical consult with ther general practitioner or specialists and go for follow-up visits.

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According to Belleville family physician Jonathan Kerr, a portion of men’s hesitance to medical consult is gender. He said that there was the tough guy mentality, which means that men had a harder time talking about things that were personal or emotional becuase it made them feel less manly. This thought is in contrary to women’s, as evidenced by the latter’s regular physician visit for appointments like annual pap smear and cancer detection tests.

Kerr also mentioned that men were more likely to avoid the doctor even when there was something wrong, because they did not grow up with annual health consults. He added that men were better at denial than women, not to mention that they are less eager to ask for help and would usually present symptoms much later than women would.

According to Dr. Kerr, men should have a preventative health discussion with their doctor at least once a year. Things that need to be discusessed include nutrition, lifestyle habits like alcohol and smoking, and possible tests. For aging men, tests are performed to check prostate cancer, diabetes mellitus, and elevated cholesterol levels.

Just like women, most men also commit diet mistakes. This is proved by a Canadian Statistics in 2004, saying that adult men were more inclined to eat food in fast food chains than females. According to Dr. Kerr, a fast food diet is very high in carbohydrates, fat, and salt, which increase men’s risk to having hypertension, increased cholesterol levels, and coronary artery disease, among others. Thus, it is recommended to limit the intake of carbohydrates, fatty foods, and red meat while increase consumption of  fiber. lean protein, fruits, and vegetables.

With this information, men would be able to counter the mistakes through regular exercise, proper diet, adequate sleep, and regular appointment with the doctor.


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