A Trend Better Off Unfollowed: Waist Cinchers or Corset Training

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A Trend Better Off Unfollowed: Waist Cinchers or Corset TrainingAnd first off I’d like to start off by saying that this is not about waist support belts or exercise belts, made with stretchy, breathable fabric that helps you safely sweat.  There is some constriction going on but just enough to support the lower back and abdominal muscles, not grippingly tight to the point of tissue damage.  Actual old school or old school style, lace corsets are dangerous things that have displaced organs and weakened bone as it constricted the lungs and the whole torso.

The hourglass figure is something nearly all women can unlock without surgery.  This is not a load of bull!  Of course some are a lot more defined and become that shape more easily but what those super toned and proportioned celebrities all have in common is hard, hard work.  They train so much and a lot of them used to be chunky or have to work out hard because they easily lose definition.

Extreme corsets, any uncomfortable, overly tight kind is just unnecessary, a torture device.  It even weakens you.

The best way to minimize your waist while keeping the essential fats in your breast and good muscle buildup on the buns is eating enough to make up for calories burned.  Cardio and stretching are important but don’t skip on full body toning and some light weights if you can.

Here is vital info to achieving the most hourglass your body can be without corsets or surgery:

1.) Don’t stress!  Stress is natural and at times necessary but so is mastering stress management.  Too much negative stress which is worrisome and anxious and even angry is detrimental to mental and physical health.  Cortisol is a stress hormone that easily ages us and makes us sicklier when we abuse it.  We have to choose to be positive and not let our insecurities take over, this will lead to a healthy body image.  Endorphins or feel good hormones regulate themselves best when you choose to be more calm and optimistic.  It is difficult to start any workout with a somber mood.  Not to mention stress and negative emotions affect weight gain and calorie storage, more of the fat goes straight to the gut.

2.) Don’t under eat

This is a real major mistake many people make and it’s mostly due to a skewed body image or relationship with food.  If you feel hungry, truly so to the pit of your stomach and you are a little limp or even irritable then why would you tell yourself you are fine?  Eat when you need to, listen to your body.  You should not suffer and eat until you feel around 85-95% full.

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Eat a balance of fiber, around a third or half your plate unless it is a high protein meal before or after a workout.

3.) Protein and Fat

Fiber from vegetables and fruits are welcomed by dieters but increasing protein and including fat still scares a lot of people.  It is far worse to under eat then to slightly overeat with physical activity.

Having enough protein and good fat maintains a strong shape while effectively burning calories.  The fiber intake also aids in sculpting the ab area more.  Protein and fat fill out your breast, behind and all your muscles.  It makes you fill out, the combination with exercise sculpts you into your more desired shape.  Too little caloric intake will make you sag and more tired feeling plus tired looking, you will lose more definition and shape.

Protein can be sourced from vegetation too of course, I do not have dietary restrictions and I get a lot of my protein from meat but there is a lot in kale, spinach, some oats and chickpeas for example.  Pork is fine too! If you get lean parts like the tenderloin.  It is as clean as chicken, chicken legs are fattier then tenderloin fun fact.

Fat is not the bad guy, especially healthy plant oils, unprocessed and rendered animal fat and wondrous, cancer-fighting fish oils.  Limit butters, watch out for animal fat and try to eliminate margarine.

4.) Include Squats

And as many of its variations as much as possible, daunting yet rewarding with quick results when done with other exercises.  The inclusion of free weights speeds up results and gets more enjoyable.  Squats are a full body workout that effectively tones and shapes up the bum instead of flattening it.

5.) Don’t be a Slave to Repetition

What I mean is mix up your physical routine.  Do not repeat the exact same routine the day after, confusing your muscles is most effective with lower risk of injury and excess strain.  It is important to combine full body stretching, ab workout variations, cardio and squats- both with weights and without to achieve an hourglass-like proportion.

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