How to Turn Soap Scraps Into a New Bar

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Don’t throw away those soap scraps! Although it’s true that they can be a pain in the neck to use, they are not at all that useless. That’s because you may gather those slivers of soap and turn them into a new bar. All you have to do is melt soap scraps and pour them into a mold. Ta-dah! You got a fresh bar of soap that will certainly come in handy in the kitchen or bathroom. Best of all, you may add a few extra ingredients to give the finished product that additional impact.

So if you’re ready to make something useful out of those soap scraps lying around, put on your apron and follow these very simple steps:

Step #1: Gather Those Soap Scraps

It’s a good idea to have at least a cupful of soap scraps so that you may come up with a standard-size bar of soap. It is completely up to you whether you want to segregate them according to the brand. However, feel free to combine everything and see what amazing scent or appearance awaits you at the end of this project.

Step #2: Chop Them Up Into Tiny Pieces

Later on during this DIY endeavor, you will need to melt your soap scraps. You can make that part as trouble-free as possible by chopping up all of the slivers you have collected. Make sure that you cut them up into almost similar-sized pieces so that each one of them will later on melt at the same rate.

Step #3: Start Melting Them

Place the chopped up pieces of soap in a small sauce pan. Add some water until much of the soap scraps are covered. Switch on the stove to medium heat and wait for the water to boil and the pieces of soap to melt. Remember to constantly stir everything with a wooden spoon or spatula. Once the mixture has a soupy consistency already, remove from heat.

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Step #4: Use a Metal Colander to Remove Clumps

Just in case there are a few scraps of soap that failed to completely melt, fret not. All you have to do is grab a metal colander and place it on a large frying pan. Pour the contents of the saucepan in the colander. Armed with your wooden spoon or spatula, carefully push the pieces of soap through the holes until none of them remain.

Step #5: It’s Time to Add Some Special Ingredients

If you love experimenting, you will surely find this particular part of this recycling project very fun. Place the melted soap back into the saucepan. To come up with an exfoliating and oil-absorbing soap, you may add some raw oatmeal into the mixture. If you want something that can remove grease and oils, add a few drops of lemon juice or even some lemon zest. There are many others that you may throw in — rose petals, honey, crushed almonds, etc. It is completely up to you whether you want a plain bar of soap or something with an extra wow factor.

Step #6: Form the Mixture Into a Bar

The final step is forming the mixture into a new bar. All you have to do is grab a muffin tin or glass bowl that’s large enough to accommodate the mixture. Before pouring the mixture into the container, remember to grease it. Pour the mixture and wait for it to completely solidify. Remove from the container and use as desired!

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