Surprising Symptoms of Health Problems

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Surprising Symptoms of Health ProblemsPeople are used to having fever, cough, common colds, sore throat, diarrhea, and vomiting as common symptoms of health problems. Whether these symptoms are present or not, some people choose to seek medical advice while some people opt to ignore them. While most people know that the above mentioned are the typical symptoms of common health problems, there are other symptoms that people do not expect as indicators of health problems.

The increased frequency in eating, drinking, and urinating represent a triad of symptoms that indicate high blood sugar levels and suggest a diagnosis of diabetes mellitus. However, Sanjiv Saini, a dermatologist in Edgwater, Maryland, suggested that dark velvety patches in the fold of skin are usually an early warning sign of too-high blood sugar levels. These patches can be usually found on the back of the neck, knuckles, or elbows. Saini told MSN that when she noticed the patches, the first thing she did was test the patient’s blood sugar. The dermatologist added that the test might show that the patient already had diabetes; however, blood sugar levels higher than normal are expected, which also indicate that the patient was set to develop the condition. According to Saini, losing weight can lower the amount of blood sugar in the blood and help alleviate the condition. He added that the patches could be treated with topical retina A or laser therapy.

Heart diseases are highly known to present chest pain as a warning sign, as there is lack of oxygen in the blood stream, imparing the oxygen supply to the heart. According to Everyday Health, bleeding gums also indicate a heart disease and should prompt one to have a medical consult with his doctor. In dental medicine, bleeding, swollen, or sore gums are typical signs of poor oral hygiene. University Hospitals Case Medical Center Cleveland preventive cardiovascular medicine director Carl E. Orringer told the publication that the association between gum disease and heart disease was the real deal and there was plenty of research available now that backed up such connection. Gum disease and heart disease share poor circulation as their common cause, in addition to the common bacteria that are associated in gum disease and plaque build-up in the blood vessels. In addition, both conditions are also attached to prolonged inflammation. In fact, rheumatoid heart disease is a result from frequent sore throat, which is related to oral problems. As a preventive measure, one should take good care of his teeth and gums, to rule out the risk for heart diseases.

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Poor digestion or indigestion is usually caused by eating habits or medical conditions like gastric cancer, peptic ulcers, pancreatice or bile duct abnormalities, and acid reflux disease of GERD, according to Health Line. As per the publication, the frequent symptoms of indigestion include excessive gas or belching, a gnawing or burning sensation in the stomach, and feeling full during a meal and not being able to finish eating. According to Life Spa, poor digestion could be related to a weak digestive furnace and the surprising symptoms include rectal itching, eczema, hives, and psoriasis. Even chest pain is a symptom secondary to acid reflux, since the gastric acis is splashing into the esophagus, as per Health. The pain may last longer and have higher intensity that expected. Sometimes, acid reflux are not that obvious as compared to the symptoms of other body systems; however, heartburn can lead to Barrett’s esophagus, which is linked to having cancer, according to Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine internal medicine assistant professor Timothy Pfanner. With these symptoms, one should consult a physician to rule out a heart disorder like heart attack.

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