9 Foods Highest in Potassium

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Potassium is an important nutrient used in maintaining electrolyte and fluid balance in the body. A potassium-deficiency causes irritability, fatigue and hypertension or high blood pressure.

Unless you have a special condition or are on dialysis, overdose of potassium from natural sources is nearly impossible. But, it is possible to consume too much potassium through potassium salts which may lead to vomiting, nausea and even cardiac arrest.

Potassium-Rich Foods:

1. Acorn Squash

Just 1 cup of acorn squash contains 896 milligrams (26% DV). Acorn squash is a vegetable source of potassium. It also contains carotenoids in just 1 serving of acorn squash.

This type of antioxidant is known for preventing and fighting various types of cancer, including breast, skin, prostate and lung prostate cancer.

2. Avocado

1 whole avocado contains 1,067 milligrams (30 percent DV), it is one of the healthiest potassium-rich foods. A 2013 study, which was published in the Nutrition Journal reported epidemiological data from 2001 to 2008 that describes the benefits and effects of avocado consumption on metabolic disease risk factors.

Researchers found that individuals who consumed avocados tend to have healthier diets overall, an increased nutrient intake and a decreased likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome.

3. Bananas

Bananas are a good source of potassium. It contains more than 400 mg of potassium. Also, bananas make a healthy high-energy snack and are more beneficial to athletes than sports drinks, according to a study. Aside from potassium and energy, bananas are also a good source of vitamins B6, C and fiber.

4. Beans

White beans ranked the highest when it comes to potassium. Just half a cup delivers nearly 600 mg. But, you can also include lima beans, kidney beans, lentils and split peas, as they are all respectable sources.

All beans are good for your heart and are on the list of the best foods for fiber. Therefore, it is smart to make beans a bigger part of your diet.

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5. Coconut Water

1 cup coconut water contains 600 milligrams (17% DV) of potassium. This beverage is high in electrolytes like potassium, but it is not too high in calories or sugar.

6. Fish

Fish lovers can rejoice! Most fish will give you at least 10% of the recommended daily amount of potassium. Most fish including tuna, wild salmon, flounder, halibut and Pacific cod, are better sources than others.

A 3-ounce piece of wild Atlantic salmon has approximately 500 mg of potassium. Also, most fish are rich in vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids. Make sure to choose varieties that has low or no mercury, and avoid frying or breading.

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains 1 whole or 667 milligrams (19% DV) potassium. Pomegranate seeds and their juice are amazing fruit sources of potassium.

Also, they are rich in vitamin C, fiber and vitamin K, among other nutrients. Pomegranate juice is reported to be the healthiest fruit juice in the world.

8. Spinach

A cup of cooked spinach contains 839 milligrams (24% DV). Not only is spinach a potassium-rich food, but research has reported that spinach contains plant chloroplast glycoglycerolipids, which act as cancer-fighting agents.

9. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes, not bananas, rank as the highest on the list of foods that are high in potassium. Just 1 sweet potato contains a whopping 694 mg of potassium and only 131 calories. Also, it contains beta-carotene, loads of fiber and energizing carbs.

Grilled, baked, fried, stuffed or mashed, sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest and delicious foods you can eat.

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