7 Natural Remedies for Bug Bites

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The next time you get stung by mosquitoes or an irate bee, look no further than your kitchen cabinet for relief. Here are the all-natural secrets for relieving stinging, itching, and swelling—fast.

7 Natural Remedies for Bug Bites
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7 Effective Remedies to Relieve Bug Bites

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera can help your bug bites to heal faster. Just rub aloe leaves over them. Itchiness, swelling and size will all benefit from this easy-to-find plant. Also, it is super-cooling, which has a positive on hot days.

2. Basil Leaves

Basil is loaded with camphor and menthol compounds, which create a cooling sensation that helps in eliminating the itch.

How to Apply:
1. Crush some basil leaves into a paste.
2. Apply directly to the bitten area.
3. Cover with a bandage.

3. Green Tea

Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties that will help the bug bite to heal faster.

How to Apply:
1. Store steeped green-tea bags in a bag in your fridge. Do this so the tea bags are already cooled when you need them.
2. Apply directly to the bite.

4. Honey

According to dermatologists, honey is an anti-inflammatory and can make the itching tolerable. a spoonful (or two) of honey is here to help your mosquito-attacked legs and arms! It’s a natural antibiotic, so it will prevent further infections, because there’s nothing worse than bites that won’t quit.

5. Ice

Cold temperatures can help reduce inflammation. Also, the cold also numbs your skin, which can give you fast, if only short term relief.

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The Mayo Clinic recommends applying a cold pack of ice to relieve itching caused by bug bites. But, remember not to leave it on for too long as it can damage your skin, or put a barrier between the ice and your, such as a washcloth.

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6. Oatmeal

Oats when mixed with water to form a paste are gentle enough on your skin so as not to further annoy the itch. Also, they work quickly to reduce inflammation and swelling.

If you are suffering with a serious army of welts, you can bypass the cloth loaded up with paste approach. Just go for an oatmeal bath instead. You will be well on your way to recovery this way.

7. Vinegar

The acidity in the vinegar neutralizes venom from bees and jellyfish, thus calming the stinging feeling.

How to Apply:
1. Dilute white or apple cider vinegar using the same amount of water.
2. Apply to the affected areas using a cotton ball.

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