Top 5 Home Remedies for that INSTANT Glow on Your Face!

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Are you tired and stressed of hearing how dull your face looks, and have tried every possible product available in the market? Then, it’s time to search in your kitchen!

If you are looking for a quick solution to your dull looking skin, then you need to follow these 5 effective home remedies.

Effective Home Remedies for Glowing Skin:

1. Cabbage

You might not be a fan of cabbage, but, its skin benefits will surprised you! Cabbage is loaded in Vitamin A, C and D, and these 3 make your skin clear and youthful.


  1. Boil cabbage in water, then strain it and use the water to wash your face to for that quick glow.

2. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is known as a great exfoliator, therefore, great for skin care.


  1. Take 1/2 cup coconut milk. Use half of it to apply all over your face and body.
  2. Mix the remaining with red sandalwood powder, then apply the paste on your face. Also, it can also be applied all over your body.

3. Coconut Oil

This remedy works best for dull and dry skin. Coconut oil helps in locking the moisture in your skin, while also nourishing it with essential fatty acids. Coconut oil’s phenolic compounds contribute to its antioxidant activity, thereby, giving you glowing skin.

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Virgin coconut oil


  1. Lightly warm up the coconut oil, then apply on your neck and face.
  2. Massage for a few minutes using gentle circular motions.
  3. Leave the oil on overnight.


  • You can add some sugar to the coconut oil, then use it as a scrub to exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week.
  • Use the coconut oil every night before bedtime.
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4. Coconut Water

Coconut water is a natural moisturiser. Therefore, it gives that perfect glow to your dull skin.


  1. Mix coconut water with 2 tablespoons pineapple juice.
  2. Apply the mixture all over your face.
  3. When dry, wash off with cold water or ice cubes.

5. Yoghurt

The lactic acid the is present in yogurt helps in dissolving the dead skin and tightens pores, therefore, giving it a youthful glow.


  1. Add 1 tablespoon olive oil to 3 tablespoons yoghurt.
  2. Apply the mixture into your face.
  3. Rinse off using lukewarm water once it starts to dry.
  4. Or you can also mix yoghurt with cucumber water, then apply on your face for a fresh look.

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