8 Tricks to Make Healthy Eating More Fun

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Eating a well-balanced diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients is the key to a healthy life. However, as you continue to eat healthy foods, you eventually become bored of the lackluster food that you used to think of as treats. Soon, boredom will turn into an excuse to look for unhealthy convenience food. You could easily find your way to the nearest drive through, which only spells disaster for your weight loss diet.

You don’t have to get stuck on bland food because there are smart ways to make your healthy meals and snacks more exciting and flavorful.

Jumpstart Your Day with a Fun Breakfast

The problem with people on a healthy diet is that they tend to eat the same meal over and over again. This can lead them to a food rut, which can be too boring. Soon enough, it drives them crazy and frustrated that they suddenly crave for unhealthy foods. You don’t have to wait for this to happen to you because you can experiment on a wide variety of foods.

Try: Instead of the usual egg white omelet, spruce it up with a veggie salad or stir fry that’s rich in fiber. You can also switch your dinner or lunch meals and have them in the morning.

Create an Appealing Salad

Salads are healthy and are usually a part of a diet of someone who’s trying to stick to a healthy meal plan. However, if you keep eating salads, you will eventually lose interest in them, especially if you are not creative.

Try: Instead of the same old boring salad, do the following:

  • Use different varieties of greens and lettuce as base
  • Have various veggies for every salad
  • Use a wide range of colors and textures
  • Try unusual vegetables including marinated artichokes and jicama
  • Incorporate some healthy proteins like chicken, lentils, edamame, and grilled fish
  • Add something crunchy such as croutons and roasted nuts

It is also wise not to use bottled dressings. Just create your own where you mix any type of oil with vinegar or anything acidic such as Dijon mustard. You can also add more spices and herbs and if there is leftover dressing, don’t forget to refrigerate.

Start Zesting

Grilled fish and meats are great for lunch. Although they are tasty, they can be boring when you keep having them on a regular basis. Try adding a zest of citrus fruits to give them a better flavor.

Try: Use limes, lemons, or oranges on your fish and meat. You can also add a zest of these fruits to your salad dressings, desserts, marinades, smoothies, yogurt, and baked goods.

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Stop Eating at the Same Restaurant

You may have your favorite restaurant where you can eat healthy food. Even though you order something different every few times, this can still get boring. Try going to a new restaurant where you can still eat healthy. Explore the menu and make sure to pick the right option for your meals.

Try: There is nothing wrong if you want to eat foods that may not be considered very healthy for your standards. However, you can ask the server to serve you a lighter portion for the food you would like to order.

Experiment on Herbs, Spices, and Seasonings

You don’t have to limit yourself to salt and sugar. There are plenty of options that you can try when it comes to adding better flavor to your meals. Herbs and spices can help you enjoy your meals once again, so try experimenting on unique spices, such as:

  • Curry powder
  • Turmeric
  • Star anise
  • Ginger
  • Dried chipotle peppers
  • Cardamom
  • Garam masala
  • Dried savory leaves
  • Harissa seasoning
  • Toasted nigella seeds

Enjoy Your Meal Outside

The dining room is not the only place where you can eat. Have some friends over or you can just enjoy this quiet time for yourself. Pack your lunch and enjoy the scenery at the park, near the lake, or anywhere you want – as long as it is not in your home.

Challenge Yourself with New Produce

Every week, you can test your love for fruits and vegetables by having something new and incorporating it into your meals. You don’t have to settle for the things you already know. The braver you are with tasting the unknown, the more fun your healthy eating becomes.

Embrace New Lean Meats

Grilled chicken may be your favorite, but the more you eat it, the less appetizing this becomes. There are actually more lean proteins out there waiting to be explored. You can try the less common ones, including rabbit, wild boar, elk, goat, venison, and ostrich. These options are very low in fat and yet you feel satiated after eating them.

Healthy eating is definitely not hard, especially if you have been doing it for many years now. However, this can turn into a routine, which could lead you to go astray in eating healthy. The methods above will work wonders in your quest for making things more exciting as you consume foods that benefit your body.

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