11 Signs Your House Shows You How Fat You Are

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You probably blame your favorite fast food restaurants or the treats you indulge in whenever you are out with your friends and you forget there are many other temptations when you stay at home.

Actually, there’s more delectable goodies at home than when you step out the door. Instead of blaming what’s outside, you should take a look at what’s inside your home first. There are some things that sabotage your weight loss strategy without you knowing.

Here are some signs that your house contributes to your weight gain:

  1. You are constantly exposed to dim lights. When you wake up after only a few hours of sleep and you have your curtains closed, this will not benefit you at all. Not only will you have trouble concentrating, but you will also crave for more junk food. Wake up with good lighting or just expose yourself to natural light. This can help you become more alert and can even help you if you have problems waking up in the morning.
  2. You have a red dining room. Red is a color that increases heart rate, blood pressure, and unfortunately, appetite. If your dining room is in this color, you will find it more encouraging to stay there and keep eating. Avoid painting this part of the house with this warm color, along with orange and yellow. Instead, pick blue, which is a nice appetite suppressant. You can use aqua or you can buy blue equipment and accessories to surround your dining room to fend off your food cravings.
  3. You use big plates and bowls. Large serving dishes can trick you into filling up the space. Instead of serving your usual amount of food, you end up dishing out more than you should. Decrease the sizes of your plates, glasses, and bowls. Ideally, your plates should not be more than nine inches and your bowls are 20 ounces at the most.
  4. Your home is too tempting. If you live in a house that makes you feel like you are in a fast food joint, you will surely find it impossible to resist the temptation. You have a snack bar, a kitchen full of unhealthy foods, and you have your TV turned on for the whole day. If this is the case, you live in a toxic environment where you will find it so difficult to protect yourself against. You may have to remodel and organize your home, so that you can get rid of the invitation to put on more weight.
  5. You put your home to a high temperature. When you set your thermostat to a high temperature, you surely feel comfortable especially during cold days. However, setting the temperature around the 70s can actually contribute to obesity. This is because you are preventing your body from warming itself up, so no energy is used. As a result, your metabolism slows down. Of course, the solution here is to turn down your thermostat a few notches to allow your body to do its work in improving your metabolism as well as your glucose sensitivity.
  6. You have a really cozy home, especially at night. After work, you just sit in front of the TV and watch your favorite show. It’s not even nighttime yet, but you already feel lazy and sleepy. As you eat more chips and stare at the TV, you add more pounds instead of shedding them. One way to solve this is to change into active clothes and use your gym equipment if you have. Listen to energizing music after eating dinner to help you burn the calories and still have energy to go for one more walking session outside.
  7. You don’t limit your screen time. Watching TV may entertain you, but this is not something you should indulge to especially if you are trying to lose weight. In fact, watching more than three hours of television can decrease the number of years you could live. Additionally, you have greater risk of being obese or overweight if you watch too much TV. The good news is you don’t have to get rid of this favorite pastime of yours. What you need to do is to at least keep your TV in areas where it shouldn’t be, for instance your bedroom and your kitchen. You should also choose to watch only the shows you enjoy. If there is nothing good on TV, don’t force it. There are other things to do than linger in front of the tube.
  8. Everything is right in front of you. Your bag of potato chips, your candies, and delectable goodies are exposed. It’s hard to blame yourself when you give in to the temptation. You also may not have a pantry, which can contribute to your weight gain. Without a pantry, you could have all your junk foods uncovered and visible, so you reach out for them and you indulge in these unhealthy treats. Put your bad foods out of sight and banish them to the upper cabinets. If you do have a pantry, clean it out regularly. Make sure the expired foods are gone and always put the healthy foods in front of the unhealthy ones.
  9. You hide your apples and other fruits in the fridge. While you keep your greasy, salty foods out in plain sight, your pears, apples, and other healthy foods are stored away. Keep them out where you can see them, especially these fruits that don’t need refrigeration. Arrange them in a fruit basket or bowl to make them more appetizing. When you are hungry yet busy, you can just reach for an apple and bite into it.
  10. You keep your exercise equipment away. Most people do this in case unexpected visitors arrive. Unfortunately, the places where they hide the equipment are in rooms they don’t normally go to, such as their basements. Instead of hiding your exercise machines, keep them next to you whenever you try to sit on the couch or watch TV. This way, you can enjoy watching your favorite series while still burning the fat away.
  11. You are surrounded by the wrong type of people. If your friends always eat chips and drink beer while sitting around and watching TV, you will act just like them. As you know, this is not what you should do if you want to lose weight. While you can’t choose your friends, you should at least get acquainted with people who are active and have the same goals as you. Invite them over to your home and you will see that they will not stay in your kitchen or dining room to check out what today’s meal is.
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If you think you are not losing weight, you should consider taking a look at your own home. Fast food restaurants and a night out with friends are not the only reasons why you are gaining weight. Your home could be tricking you into eating more and becoming lazier. Check the signs above and start living a healthier lifestyle.

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