8 Tips on Buying Essential Oils

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Want to try your hand at aromatherapy? What you need to do is shop for premium essential oils. Otherwise, you may fail to enjoy the many wonders of aromatherapy as poor quality essential oils such as those extracted from bad plants, contaminated, oxidized or with added chemicals may not provide utmost therapeutic benefits.

8 Tips on Buying Essential Oils

No matter if you prefer to shop for essential oils online or offline, it pays to go for top-notch ones so as to avoid flushing your money down the drain. Besides, some of those with unnecessary ingredients may cause a variety of side effects. Continue reading to know 8 simple tips on buying high quality essential oils.

  1. First and foremost, do a research on essential oils. You need to be able to identify which essential oil is used for what problem. Especially because high grade essential oils do not come cheap, it’s a good idea to know which ones you will actually need. When researching online, see to it that your sources are highly reliable.
  1. Steer clear of impure essential oils. Just because a liquid smells like a plant or flower doesn’t mean right away it has a therapeutic impact on the body and mind. Stay away from anything that says “nature identical oil” or “fragrance oil” on the label because, evidently, these are not pure essential oils and are not meant for aromatherapy.
  1. Opt for the products of a reputable manufacturer and seller. These days, just about any manufacturer can put “essential oils” on their offerings and make all sorts of claims and guarantees. You are less likely to end up with a bad product if you order from a manufacturer or seller trusted by many. Logging on the web and reading unbiased reviews before you pay for anything is a sensible move.
  1. Avoid essential oils placed in bottles with rubber medicine droppers. Essential oils are so concentrated that they can melt rubber, thus causing contamination.
  1. It is fine to buy large quantities placed in aluminum containers. However, double check that the containers are lined in order to prevent essential oils from undergoing a chemical reaction with aluminum. Especially on the internet, large quantities of essential oils may be shipped in plastic containers. Remember to immediately have them transferred in amber bottles.
  1. Stay away from products placed in clear bottles. Reliable manufacturers know that essential oils should be protected from light in order to avoid oxidation, something which can greatly diminish their therapeutic properties. Ensure that your choices are all kept in amber bottles. Upon getting your orders, stash them in a cool and dry place, away from light.
  1. Pay special attention to the botanical or Latin names. There are certain essential oils that come from different varieties of the same plant. Some examples include eucalyptus, lavender and anise essential oils. Prior to paying for a product, remember to check the botanical or Latin name to ensure that you are about to get your hands on the right one.
  1. Be ready to shell out more cash for pure essential oils. The best essential oils on the market do not come cheap. That’s because of the expensive and delicate process of extracting them from their plant sources. Be very suspicious if a manufacturer or seller is claim that its products are premium but are selling them at incredibly low prices.
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