4 Ways to Protect Your Hair against the Chlorinated Pool Water

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Aside from being the best body workout to get leaner and healthier without the joint pains, swimming is by far one of the best things to do in summer. But beware, the pool water can wreak havoc on your hair because of chlorine.

This chemical is used in pools to keep the water free from bacteria and other harmful substances. However, the oxidizing chemicals it contains can also strip your hair of the essential nutrients, making it dry, brittle and prone to split ends. That’s not all, most pools also contain high levels of copper, which when oxidized and gets into contact with your hair can give them a green tinged after repeated exposure.

So, next time you take a dip, follow these tips to keep your crowning glory beautiful and healthy.

Rinse your hair before taking a dip

As it turns out, taking a shower before going to the pool is more than just about hygiene. It’s also about protecting your mane too. This is because when dry, your hair is like a large sponge when it comes into contact with water. It absorbs chlorinated water very quickly and deeply.

Rinsing your hair with clear water beforehand will reduce the amount of harmful chemicals it absorbs, lessening its risk to damage.

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Apply conditioner, or much better oil

You know that oil and water don’t mix, right? Yes, the theory is that applying a generous amount of conditioner or oil on your hair will shield it against pool water – preventing chlorine from wreaking havoc on your mane.

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Wash your hair thoroughly after

While your hair can feel squeaky clean after swimming in pool – again, due to chlorine stripping everything out – you want to make sure no residue of the chemical is left. So give your hair a thorough cleansing using a clarifying shampoo or natural alternatives such as apple cider vinegar diluted in water. This will get rid of the stubborn chemical build up in your hair, keeping it thoroughly clean and naturally beautiful.

Give your hair a break

The most effective way of protecting your hair against pool damage is to wear a swimming cap. However, if you can’t bear to wear one, consider leaving the pool and rinsing your hair with clear water every 30 minutes or so. This can reduce the damage that chlorine can cause your hair.

Do this every time you go in a pool, as well as in sea, and your hair will thank you for it.

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