5 Simple Health Habits That Can Change the Way You Live

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Sometimes, it’s the little thing that counts. Yes, choosing to live healthy every day does not have to mean a complete lifestyle overhaul. Small daily habit changes can result to a better and healthier you in the long run. Begin with these five:

Drink lots of water

Water plays a key role in our health. It aids in digestion, transports nutrients throughout our body, helps maintain our body temperature, and so on. So, instead of grabbing soda pops and sugary drinks when you feel thirsty, grab a glass of clean water instead. Your skin and your body will thank you for it.

Include your tongue when brushing

Your tongue harbors sulfur-producing anaerobic bacteria that give you that awful bad breath in the morning. So, the next time you brush your teeth, don’t forget to give your tongue some gentle scrubbing to keep your whole mouth fresh and clean.

Leave your shoes at the door

Pavements, grass lawn, muddy road, littered streets – your shoes are in contact with various surfaces every day, carrying with them all sorts of microscopic things you wouldn’t want to know about. Keep them where they should be, i.e. outside your home, by leaving your shoes at the door. This age-old ritual is the most practical way of keeping your house free from unwelcome pollutants, bacteria and germs.

Use sunscreen every day

We are in a time where summer is hotter and spring sun can be unforgiving. Blame it on ozone depletion. The best way to combat the ill effects of the sun on your skin is to apply sunscreen before you leave the house. This daily habit will not only reduce the signs of ageing but also lower your risk to skin cancer.

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Count up to 20 when angry, 200 when very angry

Here’s what happens when you get angry: steams comes out of your ears, red creeps over you from head to toe and there may be an explosion or two. That is just the stuff of some cartoons, of course. Real-life anger causes various physical responses, like fists clenching, flushing, teeth grinding, sweating muscle tension and paling. It causes the amygdala, that part of the brain that controls emotion, to go crazy. Blood flow to the frontal lobe, the one over the left eye that controls reasoning, also surges.

So, before you blow the top, count up to 20 with a pause and a deep breath after each number. This will calm your nerves and distract your attention from the source of your anger, allowing you to think more clearly and respond properly.

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