4 Easy Eye Make-Overs

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“Looks can be deceiving” or so they say. While its meaning varies depending on which context it’s used with, the same is also true with make-overs. Ever wonder why sometimes our looks vary depending on the changes on us? The answer is may be on the change itself. As we are to used into looking on people based on their faces, the face itself is easily more distinguished for its changes. The same is probably true with the eyes.

Just take these four women for example. They knew that while they may not be as young as they once were, but certain feature changes can make them for the better.

As such, the following are 4 of the easy eye make-overs one can apply to oneself:

Add Color for Instant Polish

Erin Patterson is a 38-year old woman whose daytime go-tos involved the use of tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, and mascara. Although these were easy and a common practice to her, it did not necessarily bring out her eyes. Thus, New York City makeup artist Tina Turnbow highlight this asset of hers using intensified colors on her upper and lower lash lines.

Play Up Your Lashes to Look Instantly Younger

At 54, Nazli Coan has been using a bit of an eye makeup but not mascara. This is due to the fear that her dark cicles under the eyes will looked worse. But according to Turnrow, the key to draw the attention away from under-eye shadows may actually require the use of mascara. To do so is to open up the eyes with it. Using an eggplant-colored pencil, Turnrow lined Nazli’s upper lids, swept on bronze shadow to add luminosity to the area, and then applied mascara to her upper lashes.

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Try New Glasses to Look Instantly a Professional

Shanti Akinneni is a 25-year old woman whose career may be deemed at its earlier stages of her life. As a person who wears glasses, hers, that is a pair of elongated glasses, seemed too casual for office. Add to that the fact that it leaves little space for makeup which makes her feel underdressed. The change she needed was indeed on her glasses. Wearing Zelig frame as her new glasses, Shanti’s eyes is visibly more noticeable in addition to being more of a dressier statement to her. As for her makeup, applying peach shadow and a soft purple liner made her overall look more job-appropriate and not frumpy.

Groom Your Brows to Look Instantly Awake

Erin Thanik was an infrequent plucker of her eyebrows thinking that she could get away with it as a blond. Little did she know that doing so only made her of having eyes that gives the impression of sleepy and an enclosed look. To fix this, Turnrow removed the excessive brow hairs that grew below her brow line. To finish the makeover, her brows was shaded deeper than her brow hairs.

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