What Causes Hand and Wrist Pain and it’s Remedies

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Hand and wrist pain is a common issue especially who work long hours in front of the computer or simply holding a desk job. While both can be experienced by both men and women, the same is said to be very common to women. This is as a result of degenerative diseases women are more vulnerable to. This is may be as a result of lack of calcium, hormone factor (menopausal stage), or the wear and tear of cartilage, bones, and joints. Not to mention of the role of heredity with its issue.

Depending on the severity of the issue, the symptoms can be just as simple as having the swellings, numbness, or weakness. At its worst, however, this kind of pain can be debilitating that the sufferer cannot use them at all. Before knowing what gives this problem to our hands and wrists, let us first look into the composition of our hands.

As much as our overall structure is complex, so, too, is our hands alone. Our hands are composed of 19 bones, 17 joints, and 19 muscles that work interdependently to give us our hands’ overall functions. One of these were to have problems, the hand and its system is affected as well.

With it as the premise, the following are the reasons why are hands are in pain:

Thumb arthritis

Literally, inflammation of the bones. This is specifically on the area where the thumb is connected to the hands.

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Carpal tunnel / guyon canal syndrome

It is a condition where there is a tingling and numbness in your fingers at night. This is a common problem among desk workers whose primary tool of work is a mouse and a keyboard. Even just common end-users of computers are prone to this condition, especially gamers who spend many hours on it.

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Ganglion cyst

This may not be as common as the first two mentioned, but ganglion cyst occurs for some. Ganglion cyst is a soft tissue lump that occurs from the joints. Most commonly, on hands or feet. The forming of cyst is as a result of a fluid coming from the joint into the surrounding tissue.

Trigger finger

Very painful and very common, trigger finger is a hand condition resulting from a bent finger than cannot be straightened out. The resulting condition is cause by the hardening of the covering or sheath which covers the tendon.

Wrist tendinitis

Simply an inflammation of the wrist’s tendons. It is said that this condition is very common whose occurence is experienced at least once by any person. The inflammation is known to be painful whose vibrating pain can reach up to the arm.


Were any of these conditions to occur, it is always a best practice to consult a doctor for its treatment. But as much as nutrition goes in regards to its treatment, the following can be very beneficial:

Linseed oil
Vitamin B6
Omega 3

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