What You Should Know About Bee Pollen: Its Benefits and Side Effects

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Bee pollen has been touted as an exceptionally healthy and nutritious food. For years, is has been claimed as a cure for certain health problems.

But are they really beneficial to your health? Let’s find out.

What are Bee Pollen?

Bee pollen are rich in vitamins, amino acids and protein. It comes from the pollen that collects on the bodies of bees and may may also include bee saliva. Also it is sometimes called as ambrosia.

To avoid confusion, honeycomb, honey, bee venom and royal jelly do not contain bee pollen.

Bee Pollen Benefits

Bee pollen has been recommended to be used for:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Stomach Problems
  • Health Maintenance
  • Used in dietary supplements
  • Used for baby’s diaper rash or eczema

Medical research has not proven, that bee pollen is effective for any of these health concerns.


Bee pollen has been claimd to help in the treatment for a variety of medical conditions, but there is no scientific evidence yet to show that it is has any health benefits.

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It is considered to be safe for short term use. Its side effects include shortness of breath, allergic reaction, swelling, hives and anaphylaxis. It is also not considered to be for pregnant women and should not be used during breastfeeding.

It is recommended to check with your doctor before taking bee pollen. Most especially if you are taking any medications and over-the-counter medicines.

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