Try These Exercises for Lower Back Pain

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The best prevention for back pain is to keep your back strong and flexible. To do that start with the below exercises.

Try These Exercises for Lower Back PainExercise Ball

Individuals who are experiencing low back pain may find remedy by doing stability exercises using exercise ball. This is recommended for those individuals who are sit throughout the day, like those who are holding office jobs.

A variety of exercises can be perform using an exercise ball. The type of exercise performed is generally determined by matching the exercise to the level of pain.

Cardio Exercise

Excess weight is one of the contributing factor to back pain. Doing cardiovascular exercise can help you lose weight. Losing weight may also ease lower back pain and influence muscle and joint pain.

Note: Only those individuals who have been cleared for exercise should do so.


Yoga is known for reducing chronic lower back-pain. You can try the cat pose, which simulates the movements of a cat by alternating between dropping the stomach toward the floor and arching the back. This pose can help relieve tightness in the lower back.

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Also simple asanas and forward back bends are designed to help promote the gentle movement in the spine.

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