What Destroys the Tooth Enamel

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What Destroys the Tooth EnamelA set of healthy teeth is pleasant to look at, whether in photos or in person. Their over all health should be preserved, as they help people in eating and in speaking. However, there are some habits and practices that destroy the teeth and here are some of them:

One habit that wreck the teeth is chewing on ice, according to Web MD. Some people may think that ice does no harm, since it is just the solid form of water, which means it is natural and sugar free. However, crushing these solified cubes of water in the mouth can crack or chip the teeth. In addition, chewing ice may irritate the soft tissues inside a tooth, which may result to frequent toothaches. While crushing eyes in the mouth pose a risk of destroying the teeth, it does not mean that eating hot foods does not. Both cold and hot foods may lead to quick and sharp jabs of pain, so sugarless gum is recommended as an alternative.

Drinking soda is another headache when it comes to dental health. According to Sharecare, soft drinks or soda contain high amounts of acids, such as citric, malic, phosphoric, and tararic acid, which remove the minerals from the tooth enamel. Aside from sugar, soft drinks with citrus flavor also contribute to the erosion of the tooth enamel. In a study, it was found out that clear and citrus-flavored beverages dissoved the tooth enamel two to five times more than colas did. Presumably, the citrus content of the beverage added to its acid content, resulting to a much higher corrosive effect. Aside from the enemal-wrecking effect of softdrinks, frequent consumption of the beverage could lead to various conditions like obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertention, and heart problems.

While fruit juice is high in vitamin C, which protects the body from infection and illness and promotes cellular repair, it is now reported to squeeze away tooth enamel. According to 1800 Dentist, drinking lemon juice contains high amounts of acids, which escalate the risk of tooth erosion, which stands as one of the most usual causes of cavities and tooth loss. The acid in lemon juice removes the thin protective layer of the tooth enamel, exposing the dentin, leaving the teeth open for sensitivity issues and tooth decay. Furthermore, the acid in the juice oftens tooth enamel and also iritates the gums. This information also allows people to reassess their meal plans, though they should not deprive themselves the nutrients the body needs from fruit juice.

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Gummy candies are also part of the tooth enamel destroyers. According to Medicine Net, chewy and sticky candies, such as gummy candies, are harmful to the teeth. Their sticky property allow them to remain in thee crevices between teeth or on the teeth itself, even with the presence of saliva. As a solution, good tooth brushing and flossing should be done and sugar-free candies should be considered as alternatives.

Brushing immediately after eating is another factor that destroys the tooth enamel.According to Local SYR, while brushing the teeth afteer meals is ideal, doing so will scrub the tooth enamel that has been softened by the acidic environment of the mouth after eating. To address this concern, Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry ‘s Debra Gray King said that one should wai for 30 to 60 minutes after each meal before brushing the teeth, as the practice gives the teeth time to remineralize and the acidity time to neutralize.

With the aforementioned habits that coud destroy the teeth, one should be able to control or eliminated them for good. If one suffers from tooth ache or damage, it is important to set an appointment with a dentist.

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