Daily Habits That Will Help You Get Fit Slowly but Surely

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Many of us associate “fitness” with going to the gym, changing the way we eat, and radically changing our lifestyle. We put in front of us a hurdle too difficult to conquer that we often end up disheartened and frustrated.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Getting fit is easy if you incorporate the following habits in your daily routine.

Sleep Well and Avoid Staying Up Late

 If you have been working it hard in the gym and focusing your meals on lean protein but are not yet getting any desirable results, take a second look at your sleeping habit. Like it or not, your sleep controls your diet. When your body receives adequate sleep, half of the weight you will lose from exercising is from fat. Lack of sleep, on the other hand, cuts back the amount of fat you lose, makes you feel less satisfied after a meal, and does not give you the energy you need for exercise.

Get More Active at Work

 Office work can get sedentary, but there are a number of opportunities for moving around – fetching coffee from the pantry, throwing thrash in the bin, going to the copier machine, and so on. Also, while you are sitting in front of your computer, you can perform some desk exercises. To keep blood flow in your lower body, for example, extend your left leg out straight in front of you and hold it for two seconds. Do the same for your right leg. To give your bum some break from sitting for long hours, get up from your desk and personally talk to your co-workers instead of emailing or instant messaging them.

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Drink More Water

 If your goal is to get lean, you should drink water more often. Why? Water helps your liver metabolize those body fats. It also allows your body to store glucose as glycogen if you are carb-loading. Not to mention, drinking water makes you feel full and less apt to eat.

Eat Healthy

 There is no getting around the fact that what you eat determines the amount of pounds and fats you gain. So while we’re not suggesting radical dietary change, at least make a conscious effort to eat healthy. Try to include more fruits and vegetables in your daily meal; cut down on sodas, cakes and chocolates; eat calcium-rich foods; and go lean with more protein.

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