You all know that feeling, you paint your nails, then flap your nails like some crazy person, then you wait. You wait for it to dry, which can take ages.

Trick to Drying Your Nail Polish Faster
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But did you know we found a simple yet effective trick in cutting your drying time in half? See the details below:

Amazing Trick to Drying Your Nail Polish Fast:

Step 1

Put cool water and some ice cubes, in a bowl.

Step 2

Paint your nails.

Step 3

Let your nails air dry, for at least a minute.

Step 4

Dip your fingers in the bowl of cold water for at least 2-3 minutes. Once you remove them, you will notice the beads of water on top of the nail polish, which means that it is all firmed up and done.

Step 5

You get those 15 extra minutes, you can enjoy.