Top Food Sources of Calcium

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Top Food Sources of CalciumCalcium is widely known as a mineral necessary for strong bones and teeth. But did you know that it’s also important for proper muscle contraction, nerve functioning, secretion of certain enzymes and hormones, and proper pH balancing of the blood?

Health authorities say that deficiency in calcium may cause a host of health problems. Definitely, it can lead to a condition known as osteoporosis in which the bones become soft and brittle. A diet lacking in the said mineral can also cause numbness of the finger and toes, convulsions, lethargy, muscle cramps and even abnormal rhythms of the heart.

Steering clear of these maladies can be as simple as making sure that your everyday diet contains foods that are known to supply the body with good amounts of calcium. Consuming them helps save you from the need to pop a supplement in your mouth. Here are the best food sources of calcium you should have everyday:



One of the quickest ways to get as much as 31% of your everyday calcium requirements is by drinking a cup of whole milk. If you’re trying to reduce your consumption of saturated fats, you may also go for a serving of low-fat or non-fat milk.


Because cheese is from milk, naturally, it’s a good source of calcium too. A cup of low-fat mozzarella cheese actually provides a whopping 109% of your recommended daily allowance of calcium. If you want to enjoy strong bones and teeth as well as a delectable sandwich, you know what to reach for.


Everyone knows that yogurt is good for you because it supplies your gut with billions of friendly microorganisms. Also, yogurt provides your body with amazing amounts of calcium. For instance, you can get 49% and 45% of your daily calcium needs by enjoying a cup of non-fat yogurt and low-fat yogurt respectively.

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Canned Sardines

The edible bones in canned sardines allow you to get plenty of calcium. A cup of canned sardines is said to provide 57% of your daily calcium needs. You may also opt for canned pink salmon or tuna provided that the bones are still intact.

Dark Leafy Greens

Adding a bunch of dark leafy greens to your salads or stir-fried dishes allows you to get ample amounts of calcium. For instance, a cup or arugula yields 6% of your daily calcium requirement. Consuming a cup of collard greens allows you to obtain 5% of your total calcium need per day.

Chinese Cabbage

Also known as bok choi, eating a 1-cup serving of this vegetable allows you to have 7% of your recommended daily calcium need. A cup of green and red cabbage supplies your body with practically the same amount of the mineral.


Known as lady fingers or gumbo in some parts of the planet, okra is a good source of calcium. A cup of sliced okra yields 12% of your everyday calcium needs. This vegetable may be boiled, steamed or added to stir-fried dishes.


A cup of broccoli provides you with 4% of your daily calcium requirement. The nicest thing about broccoli is it also contains sulfuric compounds that help neutralize toxins that have accumulated within you.


Crunchy and tasty, a cup of almonds supplies your body with as much as 38% of its daily calcium requirement. Almonds are also wonderful sources of protein, folate, and vitamins B2, B3 and B6.

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