Tips to Lifting Safely

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Tips to Lifting SafelyWe all lift things on a regular basis whether it is something simple as a school bag, your kid, or something heavy such as barbells. Regardless of whatever it is that you are trying to lift, there is always the possibility of getting injured especially when you make a mistake during lifting. Back pain is inevitable when there is too much pressure put on your back but the good news is that there are ways that you can prevent this from happening.

Safety Tips to Lifting

  1. Think First. Before you lift anything heavy, it is important that you plan how you’re going to do it without injuring yourself. Will you require tools to help you lift the object? Where will the weight be placed when you lift it? Check your surroundings too if there are any obstacles that can get in the way when you move any heavy object.
  2. Find a Stable Position. When lifting anything heavy, it is important that you position your feet properly with one foot placed ahead of the other to help stabilize you. Make sure that once you have the load that you can move your feet easily so you won’t stumble with the weight.
  3. Get a Grip. See to it that you are holding on to the load properly. It is much better if you carry the load close to your body to provide additional support instead of just using your hands only. If your hands are sweaty, wearing gloves will help. Don’t forget to adjust your grip especially when lifting from the floor.
  4. Avoid Bending Your Back. As much as possible, you should avoid fully bending your back as it can increase your risk of getting injured when lifting heavy loads. It is much better to bend your back, knees, and hips slightly so you won’t strain your back muscles too much upon lifting.
  5. Don’t Twist. There are some people who tend to twist their body when moving heavy loads but this can hurt. If you’re going to move in another direction, use your feet to direct your body towards that direction instead of simply swinging your upper body.
  6. Know Your Limitations. Yes, you need to lift objects or weights but this doesn’t mean that you should force yourself to lift heavy loads especially those that you can’t lift on your own. Knowing your limitations can help you avoid getting injured when lifting. If you feel that you will need additional help, call a friend, or find a tool that can help ease the work for you.
  7. Don’t hesitate to adjust your hold during lift to ensure that you are gripping the load properly and that your body is properly aligned. This is important because you might get injured if you lift without moving the load in a more comfortable position.
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These tips do come in handy when you need to lift heavy loads such as fully loaded boxes or weights. By getting a good grip and stabilizing yourself prior to lifting, you will minimize your risk of getting injured.

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