crib mattressA safety crib mattress is highly beneficial to babies or infants. It is designed to provide support to their growing bones and keep them safe while they are sleeping. Along with these benefits to a growing infant, several things should be considered in selecting and purchasing a good safety crib mattress.

One of the things that people should consider when choosing and buying a safety crib mattress is the mattress quality. According to Consumer Reports, quality is essential when it comes to whichever type of mattress. As per the publication, there were cheap mattresses with coverings made up of vinyl; however, these could tear, crack, and dry out over time, as per the publication. In addition, coverings are inclined to be thicker and puncture-resistant over time, along with better gauge steel and better quality cushioning.

According to Baby Center, it was important to choose a firm crib mattress particularly intended for babies or infants, since a soft sleeping mattress could place the baby at risk for suffocation and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). In addition, the resilience of mattress should be considered before buying. Testing for resilience measures the mattress’ ability to go back to its original shape. This can be done by pushing one’s hand down the middle of the mattress and removing it. According to the publication, sleeping babies would make an impression on a foam mattress and it could be hard for them to change position if the mattress retained their form; thus, a faster mattress recovery rate is better.

Some crib mattresses are made up of natural or organic materials, such as cotton or wool. According to Parent Guide, organic crib mattresses are among the most expensive crib mattresses in the market. They are designed with no chemical flame retardants in its interior and exterior. As per the publication, these kinds of mattresses perfectly fit infants and toddlers. In fact, organic mattresses can also be cleaned easily, while they are made in natural materials. The mattress’ surface does not absorb liquid and is easy to wipe down that one could prepare food on organic crib mattresses and eat it. According to Mom Tricks, some mattresses are made up of 100 percent certified organic cotton, with its interior made of plant-based foam. Such mattresses are very lightweight, which allows changing sheets faster, even with using just one hand.

Clean air is one of the things to be considered in choosing safety crib mattress, according to Healthy Child. Researchers at the University of Texas (via EWG) had conducted a research that tested crib mattresses and had learned that mattresses had released about 30 various types of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and fragrance allergens. VOCs are dangerous gases that come from the mattress foam into the air people breathe. According to Healthy Child, the mattress should be check if it has a Green Guard certification, which is a gold-level certification that is most arduous for VOCs.

Verifying the material of the crib mattress is another important consideration. Groovy Green Livin founder/ editor-in-chief and Boston-based mom Lori Popkewitz Alper told Fox News that when a mattress had a label that said “organic,” “green,” or “natural,” it actually did not mean a whole lot, which entails that the material could not be a hundred percent organic although it is labeled or claimed as organic. According to Alper, one should look for those made up of organic cotton, wool, and Oeko-Tex or Global Organic Textile. In addition, the manufacturer can be contacted for the materials that were used, the reason why the mattress is considered organic, including the information with regard the presence of chemicals and fire retardants.

Crib mattresses provide safety and comfort to babies for up to three years, with the former as the most important consideration; so, it is best to consider the mattress’ cost, durability, and comfort when buying one.