4 Food And Nutrition Tips To Lose 100 Pounds

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4 Food And Nutrition Tips To Lose 100 PoundsMany people consider shedding extra pounds, 100 pounds or more, to become fit and preserve their overall health. While it presents hardships and challenges, the final product shouts that the rough road to losing pounds is worth it.

According to Web MD, planning is a major key toward losing a hundred pounds. One should be motivated to lose the extra pounds he has in order to achieve it. Not having any plans is like shooting an arrow without an aim, leaving a person with no direction towards his goal. In addition, planning to lose pounds entails waiting for some time, as weight loss is not a game or magic in which everything can be achieved in a blink of one’s eye. Even experts and other people who have been successful will share their advice on cutting calories, fighting cravings, making exercise easier, and staying on track.

Having a big breakfast is another way to lose 100 pounds or more. A new study published in the journal “Obesity” suggests that the phrase “Eat breakfast like a king and dinner like a pauper” is going to be a person’s tool for losing pounds. The study compared the results of women who ate larger breakfast (700 calories) and those who ate smaller breakfast (200 calories) when it comes to weight loss. The study findings revealed that those who consumed 700 calories for breakfast lost 18 pounds than those who consumed 200 calories, who lost 8 pounds. In addition, those who had larger breakfast lost 3 inches from their waist while those who ate smaller breakfast lose 1.4 inches. While the results were interesting, it is not imperative for one to consume 700 calories for breakfast if he is not hungry in the morning.

Nowadays, people love to take thir food photos and upload them to various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. According to a study published in Science Daily, keeping a food diary has the power to double a person’s weight loss. The study was conducted in Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research and involved about 1,700 participants. According to the finds, the frequency of food diaries were kept and the number of support sessions that the participants attended are the best predictors of weight loss. “EatQ” author Susan Albers also told Web MD that people had horrible memories in terms of what they eat, so it is suggested that reviewing the photos before the next meal or snack should be done to be reminded on what one had already eaten. Thus, it may help the person “downsize” or choose anotheer selection from the menu.

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With a catalogue of apps availale in Apple, Google, and Windows, people can download some of them as weight loss tools in their arsenal. Blogger Lisa Durant told Web MD she just did not see food and proportions thw way normally thin people see them. She explained that she had used her “My Fitness Pal” app to focus on her relationship with what she ate. The application had helped her track what and how much she had eaten, which had also helped her to be honest with herself. Along we the app, Durant had also set weight loss and fitness goals to record her progress. For Durant, she would have definitely gained some weight back without an app. Aside from “My Fitness Pal,” other examples of diet and weight loss tips include “Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary,” which has a database of nearly a million foods an 500 exercises for losing weight and “Diet Assistance,” which has body mass index (BMI) calculator plus weight loss tips. “Fooducate” is another interesting app, as it shows how the contents of a certain food, allowing its users to choose their food wisely.

With the aforementioned tips, coupled with regular exercise, adequate sleep and rest, and right attitude, one will be able to lose a hundred pounds or more.

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