Things to Keep Your Mind and Body in Top Condition

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Who would have thought that keeping oneself in tip-top shape need not have to be so complicated. In fact, the steps can be so simple, the effects can be so surprising afterwards. As such, the following are things you can do to keep your mind and body in top condition:

  1. Brain

According to Gary Small, M.D., doing activities that trigger the functions of both left and right hemispheres of our brains build our brainpower. In another research conducted by Swedish researchers believe that there’s a connection between our physical activity and cognitive decline. Results show that people who exercised at their midlife stages are less likely to acquire Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of Dementia. As for nutrition, a study at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center found out that omega-3 fatty acid helps preserve our brain cells. This is in terms of the natural process of neuron damage.

What you can do: Engage yourself in mental exercises and exercise more often. Eat more foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish meat. Other alternatives such as food supplements of omega-3 works, too.

  1. Lungs

We tend to lose our aerobic capacity as we grow old. However, Jerome L. Fleg, M.D, says that it can be maximized with regular exercise. In fact, fit individuals are said to perform daily tasks easier whose aerobic capacity is only exhausted to 50%. This leaves a healthy individual able to do more than his daily chores.

What you can do: Maintain a healthy exercise habit. It need not necessarily be intense as long as you can perform its practice.

  1. Heart
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As a medical doctor, Michael F. Roizen, he knows it better than anyone on what is the primary cause of heart problems. According to him, it is high blood pressure, that is. For this he even suggests to know one’s blood pressure primarily over other numbers in matters of the heart for its implication to health. The next is on one’s cholesterol level as the two are found to be connected to cause some heart problems.

What you can do: Maintain a healthy blood pressure level by living healthy such as exercising. A 30-minute work-out is ideal, however, 4 to 5 times a week will do, too. Keep your diet low in salt and saturated fats. Opt for healthier alternatives such as fruits and vegetables.

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