7 Food Items That Will Fill You Up

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One of the most effective tips in losing weight involves controlling how much you eat. It’s hard to fill full and consume less when you have food items that aren’t fulfilling at all. Usually, it’s these types of food items that aren’t healthy for the body, either. What you need are more surprisingly filling food products that have staying power.

Here are 7 food items that will fill you right up without filling you out:

  • Seaweed – nori is high in umami. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, umami helps make people feel full after a meal.
  • White potatoes – before you get excited, white potatoes are healthiest and most fulfilling if they’re eaten boiled, roasted, steamed, or baked—definitely not fried!
  • Chia seeds – these seeds are high in fiber and protein. You can also include them in soups, salads, or bake them into breads! They’re one of the most versatile and filling ingredients out there!
  • Probiotic-rich yogurt – yogurt that have the “live and active cultures” label on it are very healthy for the digestion and may even aid in weight loss
  • Apples – feeling snacky? Grab an apple! Not only will you feel satiated because of the high fiber content, you won’t feel that hungry on your next meal and therefore eat less calories.
  • Avocado – this fruit can stave off hunger by 40 percent in the next three hours, and by 28 percent in the next five hours. That’s a long time to stay in your system!
  • Eggs – this protein powerhouse helps people feel less hungry when consumed with a high-protein breakfast. It also aids in avoiding indulgent snacks and desserts.
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Try to incorporate as much of these items into your daily diet and you’re guaranteed to feel full even if you don’t eat so much. This is one trick you can do to eat less. Switch out foods high in empty calories with healthier options. Not only will you feel slimmer and healthier, you will also feel more energized.

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