Small Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Health

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Common knowledge in health states us that in order to live a healthy life, we must put a great deal of effort on it. This means that one has to practice proper discipline in eating, eat better, get more active, and ward off germs.

All of these does indeed take some effort to do, but having a healthier you need not necessarily be that effort-intensive. Therefore, we asked our readers on some steps to good health that impacted them for the better.

Total Refrigerator makeover

One key to having a healthy diet may start in one’s own refrigerator. This means that more fruits and vegetables are placed alongside other healthy meals like yogurt and salad fixings on a shelf at eye level. This makes these foods easier to see every time you open the fridge.

Taking brisk walks

Unlike my usual habit of reading for 15 minutes during break time from work, I started opting for taking brisk walks instead. After a couple of months, I was surprised on how my body shaped had changed with that small exercise.

Deep breathing

My therapist suggested that I practice deep breathing as a tool to manage stress. Following the power of five: I breathe slowly in a count of 5, hold my breathing, and slowly release breathing after for 5 slow seconds. This practice keeps me calm and centered.

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Healthy snacks

Instead of opting for refined sugars or artificial sweeteners such as those seen in candies, I choose healthier snacks instead. This means that I eat more fruits and similarly healthy snacks like nuts. Following on this diet, I no longer feel a late-afternoon slump.

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Weight lifting

I had the notion that weigh lifting will make my build bulkier instead of being lean in shape. So, I sepnt most of my life doing cardio exercises instead. Doing so, however, improved my flexibility and subsided common aches and pains I felt in my back, neck, and shoulders.

Water before coffee in the morning

I would usually prefer just coffee as my usual morning drink to keep me going throughout the day, yet I still felt tired afterwards. Then, my fitness instructor advised that I drink water first before my coffee in the morning. He said that it would get my metabolism going and wake me up afterwards. True enough, drinking water first before coffee made me more refreshed and energized.

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