9 Very Real Benefits of Laughter

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We are used to the idea that laughter is the best medicine. Oftentimes, it is the cheapest medicine as well as it cannot be bought by money. More than just a saying, there are actually real and tangible benefits with laughing. If you are a person who laughs a lot, chances are you are getting a dose of this medicine by a lot as well. While there has not been a documented person who died due to excessive laughing, its intake, that is, by practice, is safe by many amounts.

To give you an idea on how laughter is beneficial for you, the following lists down its benefits:

Good for the heart

One study shows that people who laugh often have lesser chances of acquiring a heart disease than people who don’t.

Fights cancer

Who says that you can get more for nothing? With laughter, it is possible. The Cancer Treatment of America employs laughter therapy to boost the immunity, relieve pain, and improve moods of cancer patients.

Heals relationships

Laughter has its ways of meding relationships. People who laugh together have more bond than people otherwise. This is may be due to its power to relieve anger and anxiety while giving way for positive feelings.

Makes working fun

Finding its way to the workplace, laughter can be a good boosting tool for the team. Doing so makes the team more creative and productive while also strengthening the teamwork and morale.

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Relieves stress

Bad news: stress is one of the main cause of modern diseases. Good news: relieving stress lowers its chances of occuring. By destressing, you not only make yourself feel comfortable, you also prevent existing diseases from ever occuring.

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Stops pain

Endorphin is our bodies’ natural pain-reliever. Whenever we laugh, our bodies produces this chemical in the body thereby giving us the feeling of relief from pains.

Fights depression

From the benefits of laughter stated so far, it does not come as a surprise that laughter, too, can be a cure for depression. Research shows that laughter aids people from recovering after getting clinically depressed. They are also less anxious as a result.

Boosts immunity

Laughing can be a good immune system boost. Doing so keeps our immune system active while also stimulating blood circulation thereby producing more oxygen in the body.

Gets better sleep

A study in Japan shows that people who laugh during nightime before sleeping gets to have better quality of sleep than people otherwise.

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