Simple Exercises for Sexier Shoulders

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Simple Exercises for Sexier ShouldersHaving stellar shoulders is essential if you want to pull off that tank top, tube top, tiny cocktail dress or bathing suit. Luckily, there is no need for you to use all sorts of fancy workout machines just to tone your shoulders. A pair of light dumbbells is usually enough to give you head-turning shoulders.

So if you’re ready to make jaws drop wherever you go, continue reading. Below you will find some of the simplest yet most effective exercises for sexier shoulders.

Seated Dumbbell Presses

Simple Exercises for Sexier ShouldersGrab a pair of light dumbbells and sit on a bench. Plant both your feet on the floor, straighten your back, bend your elbows and hold the dumbbells at ear level with your palms facing forward. This is the starting position.

Take the dumbbells closer to the ceiling although you should keep your elbows from locking to avoid injuring them. Slowly bring back the dumbbells to the starting position. Do it 10 to 12 times, rest for a while and do another set.

Front Weight Raises

Simple Exercises for Sexier ShouldersThis exercise requires you to grab a weight or plate that you find trouble-free to raise in front of you. You may also simply grab a dumbbell and hold it with both your hands throughout this exercise for the shoulders.

Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart and hold the weight in front of you. Slowly raise it in front of your body, up to the height of your shoulders. Slowly take it back to the starting position. Do a couple of sets, 10 to 12 repetitions each.

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Seated Bent-Over Raises

Simple Exercises for Sexier ShouldersDoing raises is definitely good for the shoulders. There’s no need to get bored of it because here’s another variation. Grab a pair of light dumbbells. Take a seat and bend over until your chest is close to your knees.

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Allow the dumbbells to dangle at your sides with your palms facing inwards. While looking at the floor, stretch your arms out to the sides. Refrain from locking your elbows. Repeat 10 to 12 times. Rest for a minute and perform one more set.

Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows

Simple Exercises for Sexier ShouldersThis exercise is similar to the one above, although it is performed while standing up and with the use of a slightly heavier dumbbells. Get started by standing. Make sure that your knees are bent

Bend at the waist and take your upper body forward until it is almost parallel to the floor. Let your arms dangle with your palms facing your legs. Pull them out by stretching your arms sideways and bending the elbows, forming a 45-degree angle. Slowly take your arms back to the starting position. Do it 10 to 12 times, rest and complete another set.

Dumbbell Flys

Simple Exercises for Sexier ShouldersTo get this particular exercise for the shoulders done, reach for a pair of light dumbbells. Lie down on the floor on your back, bend your knees and plant your soles on the ground. Stretch your arms out to the sides holding the dumbbells.

With your elbows slightly bent, take both your arms towards the ceiling. Remember to keep the palms facing one another. Slowly bring your arms back to the floor. Do a couple of sets, with each set composed of 10 to 12 repetitions.

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