Reasons Why Building Lean Muscles is Good for You

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Reasons Why Building Lean Muscles is Good for YouA lot of women steer clear of picking up dumbbells, grabbing resistance bands or using weight-training equipment for fear of ending up looking like the Incredible Hulk. The fact is a woman’s body is simply incapable of growing hefty muscles on its own — unless of course it is pumped with mega doses of bodybuilding supplements.

It’s a good idea for a woman like you to build lean muscles. Why? Read on to know some of the benefits to enjoy.

Having Lean Muscles Speeds Up Your Metabolism

Everyone knows that a speedy metabolism is one of the secrets to losing weight. Just imagine eating practically anything you like and still be able to burn much of the caloric content. That’s possible if your metabolism is really fast. A great way to keep your metabolism revving is by building lean muscles. For maintenance and repair, the body has to constantly feed lean muscles with fuel — calories! Even when you’re at rest, those lean muscles never stop requiring calories.

Lean Muscles Give Your Body Definition

Nothing is flattering about having droopy skin and curves in all the wrong places. You can give your body a firmer and more defined look by building lean muscles. No matter if you are clad in a basic pair of white tee and shorts, tight-fitting cocktail dress or a bikini, you’ll be thankful that you didn’t shy away from those dumbbells and weight-training machines at the gym.

Building Lean Muscles Allows You to be Stronger

So many things become easier to accomplish if you have muscles — carrying grocery bags, walking a hulking dog, lugging around suitcases when you travel, moving around heavy furnishing when cleaning the home, etc. In the fight for gender equality, women have to prove that they’re not that different from men in a lot of ways, including brute strength!

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You Simply Feel More Confident When You Have Lean Muscles

Nothing can make you garner lots of self-confidence better than knowing you look awesome. Being confident allows you to attain happiness and success because it liberates you from doubts and fears. If you can do 12 reps of that 40-pound barbell curl at the gym, you get the feeling that you can also accomplish a lot of challenging tasks in the real world.

Having Lean Muscles Today Makes You Strong When You’re Older

Building lean muscles now can be regarded as a wise investment for your health tomorrow. It’s no secret that seniors are more prone to physical injuries because they are more susceptible to accidents. When you’re already in your 50s or 60s, having enough muscle strength can save you from many accidents as well as being confined to a bed or wheelchair. With lean muscles, you may defy aging by still being able to carry out a lot of physical activities in your senior years.

Lean Muscles Keep You from Looking Too Skinny

Everyone is aware of the stigma of being really thin. If you wish to lose weight but want to steer clear of judgmental or pitying stares, build lean muscles. Having lean muscles allows you to project an athletic and healthy image, giving everyone the impression that you love doing sports and various outdoor activities.

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